The Golden Age is beckoning

For weeks, even months, I have been preaching the topic of timelines and how important it is that we internally make a crystal clear decision for the timeline to the New Earth. Not easy, especially if one is permanently confronted with the cever increasing pressure in the still existing 3D matrix. If one works in the health sector steadfastness, perseverance and patience is required now more than ever before - on the inner and outer level.

For the new moon on December 4, I felt for the first time that I had to actively carry the theme of the timelines to the outside and for the ritual with our "manifest group" also recorded a corresponding Sacred Journey to help us all to stay on this higher timeline. How do we do this? By cultivating the emotions within us until our brain accepts them as the "standard" and radiates them into the QuantumField as energy in coherent unison with our heart. For this is how we manifest. If we activate the throat chakra in addition and say things out loud, we then create a powerful energy wave that will not remain unheard in the universe!

Like everything I do, I intuitively grasped the topic of the timelines and implemented it accordingly without thinking about it too much. That I am not alone with it became abundantly clear to me yesterday when watching the following video. Hans Gerhard Wicklein, astrologer and spagyric expert, explains it with the help of his methods, gives us exact data about it and gives us a good dose of his own wisdom about it.

A video truly worth watching. As it is in German, readers here will need to use the instant translation function in Youtube.

And finally, one more piece of info that I think is extremely exciting. Who remembers my mention of the Syrian rue, Peganum harmala? It is now part of a recipe for the Healy Resonance/Professional that is called "Sacred Space." In a database, a wonderful client/friend has now found the following about this plant, which is  classified as "dangerous" in German-speaking countries:

"Solving problems around speaking one's truth and primal trust; knowing and speaking one's truth, regardless of external pressures."

Could it be any more obvious?

ENG Recipe %22Sacred Space%22 for Healy
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