Back to the roots - Ancestral Healing with Healy and SJ

I am very touched and also still a bit speechless tonight.

With the increasing pressure of the shit show in my country, I began to host zoom events for a group of people who wanted to make their voices heard and "so something" aside from participating in protest walks. My partner in crime was (and still is) my dear friend and colleague Christiane Kleinwort, a natural practitioner with a knack for working with healing symbols and the Healy. Christiane participated in two of my 3-day Priestess Power courses and has not been the same since. She literally received a sort of initiation in the second event and transformed herself at mindblowing speed into a powerful Light Warrioress. But I digress ... back to the crime.

Within two days, we had gathered 90 people in a Telegram group and announced the first Zoom event. Honestly,  we had no idea what to do but on the afternoon of the zoom, which was held on a New Moon, guidance came in. On that first evening, we performed a ritual with 47 women and 1 man in our Zoom and read a Manifesto I had written for that purpose. It was clear that the objective was to help people move on to a different timeline, the timeline to the Golden Age. Since then, we have held four more zoom meetings and each one was magical in its own way. I created Sacred Journeys, which Christiane accompanied with a frequency protocol supporting us all in the experience.

The last event was held on the Full Moon of January 18, and this one truly blew our minds.

The day prior to the ritual, we suddenly both received guidance to do something for Ancestral Healing. This topic seemed also very logical given the history of German speaking countries (the real history, not the fake one) and the subsequent mass conditioning of the people to feel ashamed and guilty for something they had no bearings with. So I channeled a Sacred Journey and Christiane created a powerful frequency protocol consisting of Körbler symbols, Sanjeevini healing prayers and other frequencies. On the evening of the full moon day, we met in Zoom and while the transmission ran for 56 minutes, I led us all on a journey of ancestral healing. We released everything that was allowed to go for 7 generations back and burned it in the fire of purification. Then we went through a short reconnection ritual with Mother Earth and after 31 minutes the Journey was over.

The very next day the feedback came in, reporting release of black magic atachments, wild dreams and profound feelings of liberation. Then, a few days later, Healy owners came forward. One participant had noticed that since the ritual her aura analysis showed differently. Themes that had previously shown with negative percentages were now gone. Topics in the LM area with 1E12, 24 or 36 had disappeared and the analysis looked now completely changed.

This was confirmed by another participant who wrote: "The values have changed significantly. Can be done not only with the Aura Analysis, but also with the Coaching Module. Really unbelievable. Above all, since then a big burden has been taken off my shoulders, everything has become easier. Even the kids are not so quarrelsome anymore and my mother said she feels lighter since a few days ago."

She points out that each participant with 7 generations has healed - gulp,  254 souls - an amazing feat for the collective. Yes, because everything we do for ourselves feeds into the Big Picture and changes the matrix.

I am always utterly intrigued by what the Healy can do, especially when used creatively, and what great potential there is when we let it work in conjunction with another healing modality!

For all Healy owners: the Sacred Journey and Christiane's Protocol can be purchased for little money and it can do sooo much. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving the recording of the journey and the protocol. Also, I will offer a similar event in English this upcoming Monday, January 31 at 8 pm CET. Interested in participating? Click here to book the event.