Whose thoughts are we thinking really?

An uncomfortable topic that has come more and more into focus in recent weeks. To be honest, it was still foreign to me until last August, but we are all learning at TurboTempo in this time and so I had the pleasure to experience an awakening of sorts in this regard.

It's about the slightly unpleasant topic: attachments.

Most of us know this. The people we deal with on a daily basis leave an impression on us–literally. Our energy fields overlap with theirs and so sometimes something sticks around. Sometimes we don't feel it immediately, but notice it only in the evening or the next day. The very sensitive among us feel "funny" or "somehow different" and the very fine-tuned see these things visually. Often it is simply energies that have crystallized and are easily removed with a salt bath or a short energetic clearing. Sometimes, however, it is more.

If our thoughts change, if we experience enormous mood swings from one moment to the next for no apparent reason, then it may be something else. Or we slip slowly into a heavy, depressive state ... steadily deeper and deeper. We doubt things that seemed clear before. We are unsettled, don't seem to know what is right and wrong anymore, and almost can't tell up from down. The head feels like it is wrapped in cotton. Thoughts are unclear, the mind seems fogged. Or - even better - we suddenly make decisions that were unthinkable a day ago. Another example: For years we have followed a certain philosophy and it was very clear that this one thing is out of the question for us, and yet... all of a sudden we hear the voice in our head saying "do it."

Who or what is responsible here? Is it really always us?

Let's be honest, each of us knows at least one of the above-mentioned conditions, and how often have we automatically looked for the cause in ourselves. I must have eaten something wrong? Too much sugar clouds the senses. I've been surfing Telegram too much, not getting enough sunlight, blahblah. If we change our mind about an important issue from one day to the next, we tell ourselves "that's human" or we find other explanations for it. This seems quite normal to us and not the least bit "funky."

Already in September 2021 David Icke spoke in a video about how the masses on this planet are irradiated with frequencies, which specifically penetrate the brain structures and change the thinking. For him this was the explanation why so many suddenly let themselves be smurfed although they were vehement opponents before. The hairs on the back of your neck go up when you hear the testimonials he shares. Icke reads from his book published in 1999. Already at that time he wrote about these things - a time when most of us were still deep in Sleeping Beauty slumber!

Just to make it clear. We are not talking about those who go through long inner processes full of conflict and then let themselves be poked with a heavy heart and feel totally conflicted afterwards. No. Here we are talking about people who suddenly say "yes" and have no doubts whatsoever, are totally convinced and ask themselves why they have been making such a fuss all this time.

And who is sending these frequencies?

In "The Robots Rebellion," Icke gives an answer to that, too. He refers to the true history of humanity in which the archons and reptilians took over here thousands of years ago and have been doing their best ever since to enslave humanity and harvest the energy that humans create here with their emotions. Len Kasten goes into more detail. He writes of the Archons corrupting the Planetary Logos about 26,000 years ago to gain purposeful mind control over the population. The Logos is the brain of the planet, so to speak, which houses the collective mind. The Archons are higher dimensional entities, so we can't see them with our eyes. It is better that way, because for sure they will not win a beauty peagant. They're not big, look almost like an octopus, and presumably they can also change shape, like their buddies the Reptos.

Apparently, the ass-ons favorite hobby is to play with our thought. The love mind fucking us. They scatter doubts, feed off all small thinking thus sowing discord and separation. Programs like inferiority, worthlessness, small thinking, self-sabotage, fears, worries are of course a feast for them. According to David Wilcock, the Archons feed on the energy of human protein, which would explain why they are appearing more heavily on the scene just in the last year. So it may well be that right now they are increasingly appearing in certain ... ahem, situations.

Should we be worried now?

Nooo. Absolutely not. After all, these guys have been on the planet for quite some time, and we're still here, which we will still be when these are long returned to divine order. It is simply a matter of being attentive and knowing what we are dealing with. It is important to remain in awareness, to always look closely at our thoughts ... to ask, "who is thinking this thought?" ... and to keep in mind that inflammatory processes in the body that just won't go away could possibly be looked at from a different perspective.

The "Ascension Glossary" describes the ass-ons as psychopathic scientists ... highly intelligent emotionless beings. You should just know that. Nothing more. Fear is never appropriate here, because one truth in this cosmos cannot be changeed by this whole ET rascality: Love is the strongest force in the universe, and Light is stronger than darkness.

So stay in the heart. Always stand beautifully in love and in your own light, and cultivate JOY. They hate joy. Sing, dance, laugh, celebrate. Well, and ... perhaps implement the advice of German author Dieter Broers. He wrote in 2016 in his book "Das verratene Himmelreich (The betrayed kingdom of heaven)" about the topic and even presented a solution, which he called "simple like a fairy tale": Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala). An herb used in the Middle East as a psychedelic for shamanic journeys. You can use it for smudging or make tea from it.

... or you can transmit it with the Healy as frequency ;-).

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