MATRIX 4 and the Birth of the Golden Age

Can you feel it?  Something is different "out there" ...

It is New Year's Eve as I'm writing this. Sitting here, reflecting on the conversations I've had over the past few days, and especially the ones from tonight are still echoing through my inner being. Something has shifted. What happened?



Maybe it's the ever increasing crazy energies that have been hammering us for months. The Schumann has had so many blackouts one might fear the gadgets could implode any moment. The KpIndex doesn't even fall below 4 anymore, and sun flares are now called Solar Taifuns. At times, it feels as though none of the known measurement systems account properly for the wildness that's continually coming down on us. We all feel it, and my respond to it with physical symptoms. I cannot think of a single client of mine that is not experiencing challenges on the physical level right now whereby hip pain, liver problems and stomach aches seem peanuts compared to what some are going through. It seems that many digestive systems are totally out of whack. Some can no longer eat. Others have hunger pangs like crazy and eat all the time. And then there is the head ... oh, the head. Dizziness is making the rounds. But not just little dizzy spells. Nope, a dizziness that makes you want to throw up when you lie flat on your back and aim to turn your head to the other side! I've had them about five weeks ago, and I tell you they are no fun. At least I didn't think it funny when I fell head first into the shelf when bending over to feed my cat in the morning. Several clients and friends are knee-deep in it right now, while I have moved on to the pineal activation phase ... or whatever it is. For three weeks now, the right side of the base of my skull has been on fire. Burning, stinging pain. If that wasn't enough, the entire right side is "swollen" now ... it feels as though someone stuffed a tennis ball into my head. Happy LBP!


For weeks now, all across Germany people have been out on the streets, peacefully protesting the shit show. People walk in large numbers, increasing by the week, burning white candles and chanting FREEDOM and PEACE. They don't protest against something ... no, they call FOR something, claiming what is rightfully theirs. A few days ago, thousands of people met in the city I live nearby and merged with our fellow brothers and sisters from across the border - France. Arm in arm, hand in hand, they walked and chanted LIBERTE ... FREIHEIT ... LIBERTE ... FREIHEIT. Police were walking with them, not against them, as they did in other German cities as well. In Nuremberg, the city of the post-war trials, the police even headed the group of walkers with a vehicle to keep them safe and protect them against Antifa thugs. It is happening all over Germany and all over Europe. In Spain, so I was told by a friend who lives there, police has officially announced to no longer support the government but instead protect the people and the constitution they swore their oath to.

On this evening, I dove from one crying spell into the next, because I can feel what is happening. At the sight of so many soulful, happy people, raising their arms high to the sky - together - I started sobbing. Memories from past lives keep mixing with what I see in front of me. I've been there before, as have so many of you. Don't even think this is new for us. Even though we didn't remember consciously, we knew what to do when the shit show hit us in the gut in March of 2020. Every one of us instinctively took their place. Some organized. Some wrote. Some researched. Some brought people together. Some helped people through fear. Some spread hope and the Truth. We all knew what to do, even if it was laying low and focusing on prayer and meditation. We ALL DID OUR PART. We knew what to do, because we've been here before. We might not have known details when we signed up to come here during this time, but we sure as hell were the super troops that God called upon for this assignment. The Divine knew what was ahead and that this was no battle for the faint-hearted, so the Ninja warrior souls were brought in from across the galaxies.

Many, many souls all across the globe have been doing spiritual work for the past two years. Solid, important, powerful work. I have served on several councils during this time period, and I did a lot of work on my own that I never even mentioned to anyone.

Hence, I remain incredibly touched and crying tears of joy and awe. See, for almost two months now, I have been trying to help people get onto the timeline to the Golden Age. I could feel it within me, yet I was having a hard time to explain it to others. Now, for the first time, I can feel it in the collective as well. It is here. The Golden Age does not start in the future, it is here now. Within us. Amongst us. Available as an energy field and timeline that is carving its way into the Quantum Field as we speak. Deeper and deeper. Broader and broader. Nourished by every heart that opens to Love and the Divine tonight, in every split second of existence and forever more.




Started shooting it with the beginning of the shit show – in Germany. It was released on the winter solstice, December 21. And it contains not only the big questions to our existence here, but also the answers and ... the key ingredients to the ascension process all the way to the birthing of the consciousness of the New Earth, Sophia Christ Consciousness. Neo wakes up - again - the programs of the matrix are exposed - the main purpose is to prevent the coming together of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, yet darkness cannot prevent it and once it happens ... the Feminine takes charge, brings justice and initiates ascension. The film is coded in many ways. Like a book written by an ascended master, carrying lightcodes in between the lines that sink into the reader's consciousness and foster expansion, the Matrix RESURRECTIONS is filled with lightcodes that can potentially ignite remembrance in your awareness and take you one step closer to Home. Brave Keanu Reeves. There is no way not to love this soul who, along with the creators of the Matrix, contributed sooo much to the Great Awakening of the true human race on this planet. Thank You, brother.

So, what did we learn tonight?


On this magical night of December 31, 2021, the world is officially heading into the Golden Age. 2021 is over. We made it through, and we did so with flying colors. We stood together. Tall, proud. We didn't budge. We may have doubted, but we DID NOT BUDGE. We knew all along what was at stake, and we did what we came here to do. We held the LIGHT and we stood firmly rooted with HEARTS wide open. We didn't judge. We didn't resist. We didn't stoop to bad attitudes. Never before in the history of this planet have her inhabitants stood together like we have. Never before in the history of this planet was the battle between darkness and LIGHT sooo covert, so subtle, so cloaked, so subversive and - you have to hand it to them - so brilliantly orchestrated and carried out. And yet ... never before has such an enormous army of LIGHTHOUSES come together to fight the ultimate battle, wearing the armor of God, carrying the sword of Truth and the shield of Love. Truthers, Lightworkers, Christians, Muslims, Jews  ... all rallied, for we all knew this was it. We quickly realized this is what we came here for, and so we did what was needed. Has that sunk in with you yet? We won the epic final battle on this planet. Whatever is playing out in the 3D matrix from now on will be like a nasty ache after dental extraction. The fact remains, we did it.



With this day, the main battle is over, and the Great Awakening is taking hold full force. Soon for many of us lightworkers the next chapter of our work will start when those, who have awoken from the Matrix, will enter into their spiritual awakening by soul catharsis. But for now ... let's celebrate ourselves.

Tonight, please honor yourself for the greatness you are. Love yourself for your courage to embark on the most amazing journey your soul has ever been on. Harness the privilege to be here during this time, and bask in the Glory of God's Love for you ... for being on his favored souls and for not disappointing. This time, we did not fail. No war broke out. No continent sunk. No asteroid fell on us. Give thanks for the chance to be part of this ascension scenario and being here during this sacred time. And best of all ... give thanks for all the glorious future that is ahead of you, of us, because ...

... the BEST IS YET TO COME !!!