Timelines: According to your Faith be it done to you

The subject of "timelines" has been on my mind for weeks. On the one hand, because for reasons that I can't explain with my head, I suddenly got a different, new understanding of it myself in some way, and on the other hand, because I've known for two years that the solution for the ascension scenario lies in jumping to another time line but didn't know until now how to implement that. Now I already know a little bit more, however, I was allowed to experience last weekend how difficult it is to explain this topic understandably. Therefore I would like to yet another attempt, this time in a completely different way though. I would like to use a story for this, which is possibly ... none at all. You will soon see what I mean.

In 1929 a small booklet was published with the title "The Plague." The story centers on a man who, as a renowned psychologist and student of Carl Gustav Jung, was also a spiritual seeker, following the timeless wisdom teachings of the great masters. The human psyche fascinated him, and human consciousness fascinated him even more. However, what he saw in his fellow human beings did not please him at all. He found that people had moved away from what was important and sacred in life, and he saw even then a growing trend to fall into materialism and to place material values and possessions above ideal values and togetherness born of the heart.

So he came up with a plan to wake people up and remind them again of the true value of life. He knew exactly what to do and how to put it into practice, and it just so happened that one of his nephews was now the owner of one of the largest and thus most influential daily newspapers in the country. Soon, the first reports of an insidious epidemic were leaking from the press, and within a few weeks the whole country, right up to the highest political offices, was in a state of panic. An invisible enemy, which could be recognized or even quantified only with the greatest difficulty, and which threatened the lives of the people. Suddenly, death lurked around every corner. At least that's what was said in the major newspapers and by the officials, who seemed to be in a frenzy, and there was no reason to doubt it.

The psychologist and his nephew watched with interest the events and everything that came as a result of their plot, while they joyfully continued to scatter untrue facts. After a short time, the news they spread began to contradict each other and no longer make any real sense, but people seemed so terrified that rational thought seemed to be lost to them. On and on the two men spun the plot until one day they decided that enough was enough. After leading the country and its gullible inhabitants around by the nose for a whole year, they revealed the secret with a long, explanatory article whose short version read something like this: "Tataaa, we just wanted to demonstrate how the manipulation of mass consciousness works and show you how dangerous it is to believe everything you are told without critically questioning it."

How do you react to learning that such a booklet with such a story exists? Does it make you doubt the truth around the plot that you are experiencing everywhere on the outside right now?

And now, hand on yourheart: haven't you had the thought in the past two years that nothing of what is happening here is true and everything - from virus to smurfing could be staged? Or at least the hint of an expectation that someone here will suddenly pull back the curtain and say, "Tataaa, we just wanted to show you how you create your reality with your thoughts"?

What if this book really existed?

Would it feed your doubts, increase your distrust, and increase in you the willingness to actually believe that none of the haunting out there is REAL?

What happens to you and within you when you take this position? To believe that the big shit show is all a production, that there is no virus, that all the smurf injections are saline, that the images of riots, riots, demonstrations are all fake.

And at this point I would ask you NOT to think that I am talking about "the Q plan" here ... no, not at all. I'm still on timelines.

So what do you think would happen if thousands, maybe even millions of people, start to believe that all this fuss doesn't exist?

Although I can't tell you what it would look like in detail, I know for a fact, for a fact, that the outside would have to change IMMEDIATELY.

Because that's how timelines work.

Timelines are in the manifestation of beliefs, or in other words, timelines are manifested thoughts of truth.

What man recognizes in his deepest inner being as TRUTH, that he manifests.

Yeshua said, "according to your faith be it done to you." 

He did not say, "according to your thinking be it done to you," even though that would suit many New Age coaches much better. Many talk about not giving energy to a cause, claiming to stop feeding what is happening outside. In plain English, if I stop watching the news and stay away from Telegram, by withdrawing my attention I am causing the C or I timeline to stop feeding.

Nice attempt of lying into your own pocket.

This assertion alone is testimony to the fact that for the person this timeline secretly exists, i.e. THAT THEY BELIEVE IN IT, otherwise they would not have to make any decision at all about where they give their energy.

And, yes, the degree of consciousness of the human being determines how fast his imagined belief manifests itself in the outside. The higher the person is in consciousness, that is, the closer they are to 5th dimensional awareness, the more they have to pay attention to their thoughts. Conversely, the closer the brain is to the 4th dimension, the more  they have to believe in order to be able to realize what he wants to manifest.

Just thinking about a thing or "energizing it with feelings," as Law of Attraction adherents would say, does not create a new timeline for most people. After all, if it did, we'd all be long gone from this show. Therefore, the time seems to have come for Truth Speak. Honesty with ourselves in the realization that a bit of daydreaming soaked with strong emotions has not and will not turn the whole show around on the outside. But what could change the plot of the show is if as many people as possible start to believe that it is not REAL. If I believe it's all fake, my entire internal landscape changes in relation to the show.  

And by "believe" I mean to actually and truly be convinced that none of what is happening is TRUE. If more and more and more people, accept this inner stance, something MUST change on the outside, because this is how we create the hologram in which we live constantly new in every millisecond.

And let's be honest ... the monumental panopticon that is happening in front of our eyes beats Monty Python by light years and it should not be too difficult for us to discard the belief in the truthfulness of what is happening at this point.

In the following short guided inner journey, I have tried to bring this feeling to life. Get involved, give it a try, and when you've done the journey, ask yourself how your day would change now - in the here and now - if you could manage to be in this state all day.