HEAL(Y) YOURSELF through the ascension process

Yesterday was one of those "German days" as I call them ...

Crossing the border into the neighboring state as I was making a 50 min drive to visit a friend and colleague, I went through the Palatinate Forest on what I consider a typical fall day in Germany. Thick fog, loads of moisture in the air, temps near the freezing point, the sky dark grey and laden with clouds that look like a soup of ash. Even without restrictions to one's freedom and a general atmosphere of separation and hostility weighing on one's spirit, a day like this would be suppressing enough all on its own. While navigating my way through the soup that filled the air, I thought of where I was and how I felt this time around last year, and then I had a moment of immense gratitude. So much so that tears began to stream down my face, which I quickly wiped off as I could barely see anything ahead of me anyway!

In November of last year, I had hit a spot where I was ready to check out of this incarnation for good. With the days growing shorter, there being practically no sunlight at all, and lots of rain coming down, my mood descended to an all-time low. It didn't help that my souterrain flat didn't allow for much natural light this time of the year. While I enjoyed it immensely during the summer, because it was keeping me cool, it effectively contributed to my despair and depression now. I felt like I was stuck in a trap I couldn't escape and, even though I tried my best to keep up my vibes applying all the tools I know, there was this underlying heaviness that kept weighing me down.

Then my friend Uta called and told me about an experience she had with a neighbor, who was introducing her to a small frequency device that could do all kinds of magical things. I knew even before Uta had finished her story that I needed to get my hands on that little magical tool. A few days later, I ordered and then something strange happened ...

Even while that little thingy was being shipped to me and probably being thrown around by postal workers, I could already sense it. Yes, I could feel the vibrations of that device in me and with me. It took only one week with the HEALY until all my heavy thoughts were gone, and I began to dream up a new life and wonderful future. I felt calm, content and in a great spirits, and most of all, my energy had risen again, which was evident in the aura analyses I ran on the device. Then ... on December 24th, I changed forever. One could probably call it an "ascension leap." An expansion in consciousness along with a significant increase in energy. If you've ever made leaps in consciousness, you know what I'm talking about. I changed in one instant, so it felt, and life looked completely different from now on. That state has not left me since. On the contrary, it became my new baseline, and I'm convinced the Healy played a big role in getting me there.

The Healy has since brought  tremendous change to my life. While I commission in on the Healy sales, my main focus is the work with the little magician that can do sooo much for us. Granted I still live in that same flat, but now I consider it a comfortable heaven that keeps me cozy and safe in a challenging time. Challenging times that would be much, much harder to navigate if it wasn't for the Healy by my side.

In Europe, the Healy is approved as a medical device for pain management, fybromalgia, skeletal pain and migraines as well as a supportive measure for psychological imbalances such as anxiety and insomnia. That alone is plenty, but the Healy bursts with potential that is not obvious at first glance. Aside from all the additional benefits not officially approved but every Healy user is aware of, the Healy in my view is THE ascension tool for us. It can not only keep our mental / emotional balance in check, it can help us train our physical vehicle and energy bodies to adjust to higher frequencies, hence easing the challenges we experience that come with the ever increasing energy influx on this planet (solar, KpIndex, Schumann, etc.). Plus, the Healy can help us raise our very own frequency with lasting effects and support the LightBodyProcess as we transform from carbon-based into silicone-based crystalline beings.

In addition, it can be used to help the body release spike proteins, nano buds and graphene oxide. For half a year now, I have been putting the Healy to use in myself and clients to eliminate the effects of shedding and the vaxxes with great success. All in all, the Healy has proven invaluable in the Shit Show scenario!

Because the Healy can be used to transmit self-created frequency protocols, I have created protocols for the above purposes that are now successfully applied by clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I'm currently in the process of translating the protocols, so they can soon be purchased through this website, and anyone wanting to become a Healy user through me is gifted one protocol of their choice as customer welcome present.


The potential of the Healy by far exceeds our imagination at this point. At Healy World, we are aware that we currently make use of only about 10% of the Healy's true potential, which means there is an exciting future ahead with this little fellow as there is likely much more to come soon.  As of now, we use the Healy for our own well being, we use it with animals, for digital nutrition and even for coaching. Yes, there is a coaching success app that offers mind blowing advice and frequency transmissions.


To say it in Tesla's words: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


I dare say, Tesla would be proud of the Healy.