November 2021: "Hymn" and the lifting veils

Could we have imagined six months ago that the energetic storm that is hitting this planet at this time could become even more blatant? Certainly not, and yet ...

... a few days ago, the measuring instruments for the Schumann had to strike sail once again and at the same time the Kp Index, which measures solar storms, rose to heights never before experienced. Maybe that's why the Schumann measurement failed, who knows? We don't know much at this time, and maybe that's best. I often feel as if I'm sounding off like a broken record. Like when I was 14 and listened to Barclay James Harvest every day after school for at least one hour - for 365 days a year, of course!

Who still remembers "Hymn" ?

Honestly, I have no idea why I'm thinking of this just now while writing this blog post on the new moon, but maybe you'll watch the linked video at the end of this entry in which the German lyrics are displayed and then be as touched by this sychronicity as I am :-).

Back to the current time quality. November with its increasingly shorter days and unfriendly weather would be a potent challenge on its own, but in combination with the energetic chaos that many of us are experiencing physically, and the 3D shit show that is increasingly developing into a panopticon incomprehensible to common sense in a triple pack ... frankly, words fail me.  How often have I heard in the past weeks, "I can't take it anymore" and admittedly I have had those thoughts myself a few times.

I was almost tempted to remind us again this month that we didn't plop down here by accident and, no matter how much we resolve to read the small print next time or demand an instruction manual as a condition in our incarnation contract, but honestly, I am tired of hearing it myself over and over again. And yet ... actually, it's all good. And why is that?

Because the veils that make November so difficult are lifting.

The good news is that the pressure we feel is of course also having an effect on global events. Incredible things are happening at the moment, which naturally is not being passed on by the MSM criminals. In the US, a real uprising is taking place in which, led by Robert Kennedy Jr, vaccinated people are taking to the streets together with non-vaccinated people to stand up for constitutional and human rights. Same picture in Australia as well as in many other countries. In many places in the world, people are fed up with this theatre, while in Germany we seem to remain in a kind of shock paralysis. No wonder, given the genetic heritage flowing through our veins.

But the energies are quite effective. The pressure is mounting and with every day more people on this planet are awakening. In a private channelling a few weeks ago, the beloved Master Saint Germain suddenly announced himself to me, and when I allowed him speak through me after some hesitation, he actually said that every day in this country more souls are awakening in human bodies than one would think. He also said that the number of those who have already awakened is much greater than it seems. I found that very encouraging!

In this energetically highly explosive constellation lies a great potential for each of us and thus also for the collective, because everything you heal within yourself, you heal for all of us. Yes, you!  Exactly you! No more "oh, me? I'm just a small light" ... you never were and never will be.

You are a magical, magnificent and radiant Divine being, and your frequency is of enormous importance for all that is taking place on this planet. Every time you manage to make peace in your heart, welcome everything and everyone with Love and without resistance, let go of judgement and simply BE in a neutral space, you are healing the world.

The journey through this November is less about doing and more about being. It is a month of shadows, of dimmed light and depth. A dark time that asks us to ignite our inner light instead of waiting for someone to hand us a lantern outside. The fog clears when we turn our focus inwards and search for clarity there. As within so without, and outdoors we don't see far enough anyway in this soup that prevails at the moment. The biggest challenge is to stay centered in all this hustle and bustle. Centering and grounding. Centering and grounding. Centering and grounding. Like a mantra. Centering and grounding.

For when you are centred and grounded, then you are well prepared for this New Moon, which brings the opportunity for healing and transformation. The energies of this time are not gentle ... it's getting down to the nitty gritty, which of course also applies to our inner landscape.

Yesterday was seed day. Today is a new beginning. Tomorrow is a change of direction.

This time is about clarity. Do you know where you want to go in the next four weeks and beyond? Do you have clarity about what is good for you and what weakens you? What do you want to take with you, what do you want to leave behind? All this can be clarified today, and if you don't have clarity, then the intention you set today could be to come into clarity. On this New Moon, I am coming into complete clarity about where and what and ..... So be it. Speak your decree aloud, or enter it into the Healy and leave it to the little magician to send the frequencies stably into the Universe. Or write it down and put the note under your pillow when you go to sleep tonight.

In the Energetic Year's Companion 2021, Amadea Linzer writes: "The new moon in the sign of Scorpio brings up everything that has been repressed over the years. It is the emotional, sometimes also financial shock point of the year. But if we have processed this, then we are at least immune to these pains and challenges. And with that, the tide has turned. Today it may not be that far yet. But tomorrow the world could already look different".

That fits. She also writes about this November that it will be lighter towards the end and thus altogether lighter than last year. It may not feel like that at the moment, but it leaves us with hope, doesn't it?

Browsing through Linzer's book, I thought about where I was at this time last year and a few tears fell into the teacup here in front of me on the desk. Perhaps you want to think about how much you've grown in the last 12 months, what hurdles you've overcome that you would have gracefully steered clear of without this shit show. How many challenges have you faced that you didn't even know were there before? How much more wisdom do you carry within you today? How much more love do you feel in your heart? How much more ego-free are you now? How many new, wonderful people do you have in your life right now that were not there before? How many things have you done that you didn't dare to do before? How many fears and anxieties have you overcome?

Yup, that. And now please take a few deep, slow breaths, put your left hand on your chest and turn your focus inward.


Allow what was said above to really sink in.

... and then ...

Then ask yourself:

And how much closer am I today to God, Spirit, Allah, the All-One, Source and myself?