Sept Time Stamp: This feeling ... so small and quiet

As early as August, we heard rumors from all sorts of sources that September would be a particularly intense and also important month. To be honest, I was skeptical. How many times have we heard since this shit show began that everything would turn around in the coming month? Too many times to still buy into it. At least for my taste. And since I'm always a bit cautious with predictions, I wanted to wait and see how the first week of the month would present itself before I say anything at all.

But one thing I already knew at the beginning of the month: The dark forces have reached their limits. They are at their wits end (not that they are particularly witty). They must be, because only an enormously big degree of desperation can serve as an explanation for all that I have experienced in the past two months with myself and also with others.

In eight weeks I have warded off more attacks, disposed of more entities and removed attachments and released possessions than in all the prior decades of my spiritual work. Especially in the last few weeks, I saw an overabundance of darkly motivated attacks on spiritually working women that left me almost speechless. As I wrote two months ago, I knew this phase was coming, but being in the middle of it like this is another experience altogether. Here, of course, the shedding phenomenon offers first-class opportunities to the dark ones, because it is particularly easy to ride on the back of spike proteins, and once the affected person is really weakened by all the effects that come with physical encounter with vaxxed people, she is of course an easy target for all negatively motivated forms of energy that are already used to feeding on foreign energies.

We can conclude two things from this: The dark ones are desperate, and women are growing more deeply into their own power, otherwise they would not be so interesting for the dark puppets. It is a fact that, the brighter we shine and the more people we are able to reach with our light, the more interesting we are to the dark ones. Despite having had first-hand experience of this truth that had me touch my very limitis in recent months, I view this dynamic as something quite positive as it shows how dangerous we have become to the other side. So let them shake in their boots for now while we sharpen our light swords.

In this respect, the first two weeks of September were no exception to the previous two months. On the contrary, everything that had been brewing before came to the fore now. Those who have read my blogposts will remember. Attacks on women and children, priestesses having to face their shadows like never before, men being attacked and taken out, massive upheavals in life pushing us where we are supposed to go, etc. For the past two weeks or so, it has felt to me like the tension is steadily rising and aiming at a peak event. Many in my environment have confirmed this perception to me.

And hand in hand with this goes the steady increase in vibration. Schumann, solar storms, cc waves, portal days ... let's be honest, was there even a day that was not energetically high-frequency and accordingly super exhausting? Like in a huge soup pot, all these enormously high energies boil us until we are tender, and between lightsword work and the ever quickening energetic spin cycle, I almost missed the essential. Quietly, yes almost imperceptibly it was buzzing in the ether the whole time already, like a whispering undertone that can easily be overlooked or ignored.

On my birthday on September 11, I could see it in the card reading I did in the evening, but the greater extent was not yet so clear to me there. Then two days ago it was shown to me in meditation, and ... well, and now I am here to take you on this short journey so that you can see and feel it for yourself. I know you can, because it's already in the field. Yes, I would even say woman can smell it already!

Come with me ...

Relax consciously. Let go of everything. Just for a short moment, try to forget everything around you. Everything you have read and heard in the past months. All that came to you through channelings, predictions, interpretations ... energies, portal days, astrological constellations. Everything. Let it go.

Take a few deep, conscious breaths into your heart. Breathe through your heart and then ... ask to be shown what I am talking about here. First, direct your focus to the field that is energetically "above you" ...  about a foot above your head, above your eighth chakra. When you have tuned into that, feel into your heart .



What do you feel?



Do you feel the relief?
A sense of liberation, of release of massive tension ... of unrestrained, unleashed lightness.

Now imagine that soon EVERYTHING flips. All of a sudden. Everything. This whole shit show is suddenly over. In one fell swoop, it is announced that all conditions are null and void, that all restrictions are lifted. No more masks, no more tests, no more vaccination, no more anything ... no more pressure!!! All the psychological terror ... all over.

Do you feel what this does to you? The lightning-speed release of any tension in your system ... the pressure in your chest dissipates, your neck relaxes, your shoulders drop back down, your back seems to breathe a sigh of relief. Everything in you relaxes. And then the feeling of release, as if unleashed, that comes with a deep sigh and the tears welling up...

Everything is over. From one day to the next.

Feel that. Deeply. Moved. Release.

Stay there.


It's there. This information is already in the field. You didn't imagine it. You did not make it up!

Just think for a moment about what will happen here on this planet when that scenario occurs. How will people feel? What energies will be released and given into the collective? Can you imagine what it will feel like if within 24 or 28 hours all the tension, all the pressure, all the pain, all the suffering is spontaneously released into the field - by billions of people?

The irrepressible joy ... relief ... liberation ... the bliss of all those who threatened to break over the past year. Pure, pure bliss pouring into the ether from all those individual points of light, illuminating the collective.

Feel it. Not with your head, but with your heart.


In March 2020, the Sophia Collective channeled through me: There will come a day when all this will be over in an instance. It will happen faster than you can turn your head. And it will happen so suddenly that you will rub your eyes in wonder and ask yourself whether it was "real" at all. It will feel as if you are waking up from a bad dream. But that is how it will be. We can't tell you exactly when, but it will be.

Two days ago I was shown this very energy in the field.

Is the turning point near? I don't dare to say, but I can already feel it when I focus on it, and I'm sure you can too, otherwise you wouldn't be here and you wouldn't have read this far.

The way I see it is that it doesn't matter at all when it will happen. What is important is that we can already feel it, and if we can feel it, then we can accelerate it by energizing it!

This is what we must do now!

Hold this feeling within you, call it up several times a day, pray with it, nurture it, tell others about it, let it grow, flourish, fill you up and fill your days. Together we nurture this energy in the field and the vision associated with it, bringing it into manifestation.

And so it is.
Thank you.