On false gurus and the challenge of discernment in the end time

If there is one thing I learned from my SufiTeacher over the years it is that things are never as they appear. What can be perceived on the surface is merely a projection of what is truly taking place, albeit hidden from our limited perceptions. Oftentimes what is occurring in the Unseen is exactly the opposite of what we see or believe to see in the outer, regardless of the nature of appearances.

How often in our lives have we felt stuck and believed that nothing was moving while in truth there was great dynamism running its course behind the veil, which we were only able to recognize later as it was hidden from our perceptions at the time? Likewise, when people's lives burst with business all the perceived activity almost always acts like a smoke screen to create the illusion of constant change and action, while in truth nothing is really happening. At least not anything of true, lasting or even transformative value to their inner landscape as a human being, much less to the evolution of their soul.  

Myself, my life and, accordingly, my blog are no exception to this. When I'm quiet, it usually means that a lot is going on, though I'm never fully aware of it at the time. In fact, in true mystic fashion, clarity about the nature of what has taken place is often revealed to me only when I've passed through whatever it is I need to go through to create change or transformation.

There's of course good reason for why, at times, we don't see clearly what's in front of us. Regardless of whether we are talking here about what we witness in the outer or others or ourselves, for any real transformation to take hold in us, the ego must be bypassed and kept out of the loop. It lies within the nature of the ego, which is predominantly fear-based due to the way in which the ego forms as a result of our incarnation into this matrix-based system of enslavement, to want to analyze everything so that the mind can do with it what it does best: evaluate,  associate, judge, categorize, and not seldom, construct its own story around it all.

Not helpful. Not helpful at all, because whatever the mind can grasp is not a very high state. And let's be realistic here… the more spiritually oriented we are, the greater the risk that our ego not only construes some crazy, wild "spiritual story" around the process we've been through or, what's even worse, identifies with it, hence enhancing self-gratification and the nourishing of an already exaggerated opinion of oneself. There's nothing worse than a "spiritual ego" in us for it takes great force to break the psychic structures of such crystallized consciousness no matter how spiritually advanced it may seem.

The simple mystical truth that the path Home is about becoming less and not more has yet to settle into the awareness of many New Age consumers, who have been blindsided by the materialistically oriented New Age gurus and their distorted LOA teachings. Thus, the moment we think we know a lot is the moment of self-deception and defeat as the human mind with its limited linear way of thinking cannot yet fully comprehend the broad and multi-dimensional scope and nature of the workings of the Unseen of this Universe. That's only one reason why it is so dangerous to follow and believe many of the current so-called "spiritual leaders," way showers, or whatever they call themselves, for even the most advanced incarnates at this time don't know how exactly the ascension process is going to unfold in its entirety, simply because there exists no previous reference to such a process ever taking place on this planet and collective-consensus timelines are fluid and shift and create new realities by the split second.

Witnessing the current spiritual landscape, we can observe many self-assigned leaders not only claiming to know what's coming but also spreading information on the ascension process for which they offer neither proof nor validation in any shape or form. And when I say this, I don't necessarily mean validation in the form of outer events … no, I'm talking about something much more important here—the visible, tangible manifestation of what they're telling you within themselves. For the past year and a half, this notion has been THE ballpark for my own journey: I don't listen to anyone who does not share their own experience of the very things they set out to tell or even teach others.

Any coach, teacher, guru talking about ascension, the LBP or the current transformational process and the energetic tsunami this planet is currently exposed to without relating any of their own transformative experiences, I regard with great suspicion. It's a different matter when I observe major shifts and changes in someone after watching them for a longer period of time. But generally speaking, I've grown very careful of those, who only relate information directed away from them instead of incorporating themselves into their "teachings." Needless to say, applying this template to the landscape of spiritual leaders of the current time will leave you with very little left in the end, as the ethers are filled with those, who tell you what to do but few of them share from their heart and their own experience to help you relate to what's happening with you as you navigate these challenging end times.

In all fairness, it should be said that many of these false gurus are unconscious of the extent to which they serve the dark ones. As I've said in a previous post, we are currently at a point where we could easily repeat Atlantean timelines, yet many are unaware of this and thus fall prey to the cunning play of the dark ones. Hence, caution and proper discernment are our best safeguards against potential traps and pitfalls that can lead us down a dark rabbit hole.

A while back, I was shown just how deep the swamp is within the circle of these so-called elite spiritual teachers when I participated in an online training with a German woman, who had gained much attention over the past year. I resonated with a lot of what she said and taught, so I signed up for a training with her that spanned over several weeks. Early into it, she asked in one of the live meetings whether there were people in the group, who had experiences in working with vaxxed clients and those affected by shedding. She wanted to exchange experiences and build a task force to bundle expertise to tackle this issue effectively. I hesitated for two days but then decided to write to her simply because she had the ability to reach many, many people, and I had a rather effective method in place to help them. In my email to her, I mentioned also the LBP and how it is, at times, not easy to distinguish LBP symptoms from the aforementioned issues, which of course was purposefully construed by the dark ones as their objective has always been to prevent humanity from ascending and the latter is only possible for each soul with their LB fully formed and intact. In my email, I linked one my blogposts on the matter for her to read. About two hours after I had sent off my message, I was walking across my living room when I was suddenly "hit over the head" in the most literal sense.

It felt as if my crow chakra had opened and I received a blow to it that felt very physical. I was quite shaken and shocked for a moment, had to sit down immediately and as I focused on my breathing to center myself right away, I heard the words "Betrayal at the highest level" in my head. Naturally, I had no idea what it meant in that moment, but I was to find out hours later when I saw that she had posted in her channel a text she had found on the internet about the LBP without any mention of what I had sent her, much less referencing my website or work. I knew what would come next, as I've seen this scenario many times before … (and I'm sure you have too) … and I'm expecting the advertising for a workshop on it to come out soon.

Circling back to the very beginning of this article: Things are never as they appear is a truth that was never more relevant and important to bear in mind than right now. We live in dark times. Deception runs rampant and practicing proper discernment can feel like wading through a swampy jungle at times. The dark ones are adamant in their nefarious attempts to interfere with those whose Light and power is growing. I have experienced more interference in recent months than in several lifetimes combined, as you can read about in my previous blogposts, and I've heard more nonsensical advice about it than I could recount if I wanted to.

The one I hear most often from the glamoured love-and-light-brigade is this: You must have some resonance in you, some unresolved darkness or connection to black magic within to still attract these dark attacks.


Words fail me to relate how tired I am of hearing such nonsense, which continues to circulate the lightworker community and hold many, many followers in a bind of shame and guilt, in turn, feeding the deliberately construed matrix conditioning, hence reinforcing the enslavement and subsequent loosh harvesting system that has ruled this planet for long. It is a simple fact, as many true spiritual leaders can confirm, that the more you grow your Light, the more interested the dark ones become in you. Just ask Yogananda or Krishnamurti. They will tell you. The more powerful* you become, the greater the interest of the dark ones to shut you down. That is the reason why so many spiritual leaders fail at some point, either through their own tripping over the dark ones when allowing that energy to penetrate their work and access their followers, or being taken down externally by the spreading of false, degrading information that ruins their reputation and life work. No other reasoning would even make sense here!

Now, I wouldn't even write about this if it was only for myself or my own experience with the New Age cultish lightworker community. I could care less about their advice, as I know exactly what I know, and I will not stop calling them out on it as long as I see it, for it seems the only way to shake them out of their glamoured fixation on the distorted LOA teachings. However, I have recently been confronted with situations that truly stirred me.

A few weeks back, I received a message from and had a subsequent call with a young women who has previously worked with me and follows my Telegram channels. She's had a QHHT session with me in the past and a few other sessions also with the frequency device I work with. I was stunned to hear that she had chosen to get the vaxxine. Frankly, I didn't understand. How can you be awake, which she is, follow me and my work for some time, and then choose to get the jab? It made no sense to me and didn't fit the image I had of her at all. What happened?

She had engaged with a "spiritual teacher" who had suggested she get vaxxed. Gulp, what? The guy had even come to visit her in Germany and … well, you get the picture. Quite a hands-on teacher! And, of course, he left a gift with her. Now, don't even think for a moment that this is a rare case. Gulp again. Just a few weeks back, I heard from another client of her worries about her mother, who has been following a very reputed German "spiritual teacher" who is very outspoken in telling his followers to get vaxxed. I went to his Youtube channel to see what he has to say and was shocked. I've never seen much Light in him to begin with, but really … if someone like him, with millions of followers on social media, advertises the US series "Lucifer" for "educational purposes" you won't need to be a psychic to know where he stands. And if you look closely, you even find virtual evidence in what happened to him over the past few years.

Of course, there are always several layers of Truth to things, and these scenarios are no exception. So, as I work with this beautiful young woman on clearing and cleansing and investigating the ties that got her into that mess in the first place, I'm also aware that this experience might well serve as a trigger for what holds the potential for something much greater and even more important: Soul Catharsis …

… which will be the focus of my next blog post.

For now, I leave you with the plea for continued caution and the practice of proper discernment. If you can, please learn from my mistakes. If not, allow me to offer some signposts I have come to apply for discernment as a result of my own experience:

— All Truth is simple. Everything in God's Universe is simple and easy to understand (and bears a certain logic). If you need to consult a dictionary to decipher the convoluted rhetoric presented to you or need to pause from reading or listening to ponder the many terms containing five or even seven word strings thrown at you, something's amiss. Always remember how the dark ones operate: They confuse our minds, obscure our thinking and filter into our rationelle and logic to affect not only our minds but our brains.

— If you don't hear a clear YES resonating in your heart, it's always a NO. And only when that YES passes the test of your logical thinking skills, it's a true YES. Don't act until you achieve a true YES.

— Anyone claiming to soar through these times on a pink cloud and remaining unaffected by what is taking place should invoke our suspicion. Not sharing from own experience, including failures runs counter to the energies of the New Earth where Oneness consciousness forms the foundation of reality where hierarchical structures and power games are sure signs of something amiss, because within Oneness there is no one to have power over!

— Give and take has to be in balance, so if someone offers a free e-book in exchange for your email address you know they will want some more from you and have some strings attached. This kind of business / advertising strategy is old earth energy and has nothing to do with where we're going. And that's not even mentioning the ridiculous pricing some lightworkers employ. That's not to say that good work should not be properly reimbursed. We still live in a time of transition where the monetary system remains a necessity to function properly in the 3D realm. As long as that's the case, we need money to pay for our living expenses and food, and we are entitled to live a good and healthy life. When I released the Healy protocol free of costs months ago, I learned the hard way what energetic imbalance is, so everything … everything in this Universe always strives to come into balance. If we don't define how we want this balance to manifest, someone else does it for us, and chances are it happens in ways we don't like too much.

— Does it benefit the whole? Anything rooted in Truth and the energy of the New Earth always serves the whole to a greater extent than the individual. One of the great illusions is that this ascension journey is about us. It is not, and it never was. Everything taking place here is about the evolution of Life itself or the Divine, if you will. Any other notion or vision only serves to perpetuate the unfortunate pattern of self-inflation and glamour, spread and fed by the New Age cult. While it's true that you can "be, do, have anything you want" it is also true that it is not the attitude that marks 5D consciousness. On the contrary, in a beyond-4D state of consciousness you come to realize the Truth of this statement, yet you no longer care for being or doing or wanting anything because you KNOW that you already ARE all of it and there is no need for any wanting anything, for wanting anything for yourself individually that doesn't simultaneously benefit the whole in the highest possible way wouldn't even occur to you.

— And, once again, Things are never as they appear. In fact, they are usually exactly the opposite to what we seem to see in the outer.

May you be blessed on your sacred journey Home.

* to clarify… with "powerful" I don't mean some magical, mystical powers over others (in Oneness consciousness there is no one to have power over!). You become a threat to the dark ones when you SEE. Clearly. And without distortion. When your consciousness is liquid and not crystallized, your mind is open and vast, and not fixated in structured thinking, and your heart is connected in Love and compassion to the Creator Source and All of Life, and you walk in your I AM presence most of the time.