Cognitive Dissonance: Is the Earth flat or round?

Unlike many of my other posts, which I normally write in English and then back translate for my German website, this one was originally published in German and I machine translated it for the purpose of publishing here. Please bear with me, as it might not be what you are used to. Thanks for your kind understanding!

As a result of a challenging yet transformative six-week phase, I decided yesterday to "pick up the pace" a bit here on my blog. I will write about the six weeks separately, but for now another topic is important to me: our consciousness, or rather your consciousness. But why?

It's actually relatively simple, but let me explain. We are in the final stages of the Great Shift on this planet, and some of us will soon be part of the first Ascension Wave. But that is just the start. Over the next few years, many, many of us will make the Ascension into the fifth dimension. Elsewhere I have explained in detail what this means, but let me briefly repeat. Each person who ascends forms a crystalline light body into which most of their soul descends, which means that the physical body has to adapt to the high vibrations so that it doesn't burn. In this process many other things happen, such as the activation of the treefold flame in the fifth chamber of the heart, the merging of all the energy centers into a single great chakra, but this is to be beside the point now, because I want to get at a very specific aspect: the expansion of consciousness.

I am sure you have experienced some expansions of consciousness in your life. Each such expansion is almost always accompanied by a descent of further soul fragments, which means that, conversely, ascension must bring with it a massively large increase in consciousness. This is probably clear to all of us, so, so far so good.

Now what if we could accelerate this process? If we could do something to make such expansions of our consciousness easier, to move through them faster, or even to initiate them more or less consciously? In general, we humans are wired to avoid anything that hurts as long as we can, which is just one of the reasons why our surges of consciousness are almost always associated with some tragic or dramatic event in our lives, but there is something we can do to make these processes easier. We can open our minds?

How does a higher level of consciousness differ from a lower one? Surely by an elevated vibrational frequency, but what does that mean pragmatically for us in everyday life? It means that the higher consciousness is "more fluid." More fluid here means that structures have already been broken and that thinking expands in a way that is more flexible and less standardized. The consciousness of the average person is shaped by so many conditionings and firmly anchored views that it seems to be crystallized, or better yet, petrified. Such people find it very difficult to accept new ideas and think new thoughts. Thoughts that challenge the fixed thought patterns of their mind are perceived as a threat and very quickly cause a so-called cognitive dissonance.

The higher the level of consciousness of a person, the less threatening new thoughts are for them and the faster they can open up to a new body of thought, or even new facts and integrate them into their mind. Now I know that the average person does not read here on my blog and, if they should land by "accident" on my web page, they will probably close it so fast they throw the mouse or their smart phone away ;-). Most of the readers here are on the threshold of ascension and are just struggling with the symptoms of LKP, and thus this post seems to me now more than appropriate.

At this point, perhaps I may briefly weave in something that some may have wondered about. I often write in a somewhat snappy, and perhaps for some unpleasant tone, and I certainly do not mince words. This I do very consciously, because I see my task to somewhat rattle my readers' cage, not to say, to trigger them. The reason for this lies precisely in what I am describing here--I want to induce a slight cognitive dissonance.

Only if you are triggered emotionally by what you are reading, something new can happen in your mind! Now, I don't aim to "teach" you anything. I define success here quite differently, namely, if something occupies your thinking and triggers a process in you, even if the result should be that you think I'm really completely stupid and say goodbye to my channels and this page. What is important from my point of view is that something was triggered in you that caused you to make a decision for yourself. I acquired this view in eight years of studying and teaching in America. At the university where I studied, I had a scholarship whose fulfillment required me to teach "Freshmen Composition," and I also worked as a tutor for academic writing for the full eight years.

Freshmen Composition meant that all new entrants to the university had to learn how to write academic articles and research papers, completely independent of the major they chose, because after all, there is such a thing as an academic code. Well, after a few semesters, I did get into trouble because so many of my students, after taking my course, either changed their major or, even worse, made decisions for themselves that had far-reaching consequences for the university. So when, in fact, the incredibly talented quarterback on the football team, with high hopes of winning a title for the next four years, dropped his athletic scholarship to do what he wanted most, which was to go to medical school ... well, you can guess ;-).

What had I done? I had tried to break through the structured thinking of these young people and open their minds. This is not so difficult with young people who are thirsty for knowledge. They trusted me because they knew that I did not want to impose anything new on them, but on the contrary, I wanted to teach them to question everything they already knew and call into question everything they were taught about the world they lived in. They did this with enthusiasm, and because we saw each other four times a week, I was able to hold their hands intensively when cognitive dissonance arose. As an interesting side effect, many also questioned their own decisions and actions, and thus said scenarios occurred, but thankfully did not cost me my job.

I am pursuing the same goal with my blog here, and this post in particular. I want to encourage you to purposefully, consciously expose your mind to new information. I want to encourage you to deliberately put yourself into a slight cognitive dissonance to break down the structures of your thinking, because that is essential to your ascension. Rigid thought structures, crystallized mind patterns, and entrenched views of how something should be will have to disappear anyway on the path to the New Earth. You have the choice whether you want to wait until you are whacked over the head by what's going to happen on the outside, which might make the world you thought you knew crumble before your very eyes, or whether you perhaps start to walk that path consciously, hence empowering yourself and taking control over your mind, brain and mental / emotional state.


There is also a secondary cause to deliberately generating a slight cognitive dissonance, and this relates back to my previous post. Clear perceptions and proper discernment come easier with a mind trained to be adaptable and flexible. And, of course, they heighten automatically as we elevate our consciousness.

Yippee ... that's why I'm including two videos here that I personally find very exciting and also challenging. Both were created by Ewaranon, who wants to prove that the earth is flat. It matters zero whether you end up believing the earth is flat or round or triangular. These documentaries offer so much exciting information that can stand completely independently. But see and discern for yourself.

I hope you enjoy watching them. Oh, and me? I honestly have no idea what shape the earth has, and I don't give a damn! What matters to me is the degree of deception and betrayal present on this planet and what can be done to ensure that will never, ever happen again.


The video below can also be found on GAP Social where the episodes are listed separately and are easier to watch, as the Youtube video is rather extensive and tends to stumble a bit due to its length.