On Shedding & Dark Attacks via NanoBots

Over the past couple of months, I have repeatedly mentioned shedding and nano particles in my posts. At this point, I would like to share some more specific information from my own experience that hopefully serves to wake up a few more people from their slumber.


When on March 30, I channeled the following information, it was news to me while it had been known in so-called "conspiracy circles" for some time. Conspiracy theories, as we now know, describe those sets of information that are publicly denounced as untrue and bogus and then later turn out to be 100% true. Back then, I channeled through my Higher Self that, "The vaccines people are receiving right now have a completely different purpose than what is being said. Their effects are two-fold. On the physical level, the vaccines are designed to force the body into an auto-immune response in such a way that the antibodies produced as a result will attack the body and destroy the organs of the upper body mostly."

"This, however, is a process that doesn't occur purely on the biological, medical or chemical level, but is also triggered by the nano particles which are administered with the vaccines. These will be activated by trigger frequencies sent out by satellites. Additionally, they interact with micro particles streamed into the atmosphere via air streams (much like chem trails, except they are largely invisible, except you can see them as glitter in the air in the sunlight) which emanate electromagnetic signals to activate the nano bots."


And recently, I was shown these nano bots in two different people, or better to say around them, and this morning a dear friend gave me the spot-on confirmation for my suspicion. In those two instances, I had the respective person in the initiation chamber and when asking what was going on with them, I was shown their face / head surrounded by tiny particles that looked like silver glitter, only the glitter seemed to move around the person's head in a rather organized fashion. While each person's case was a little bit different, there were some commonalities they shared. For example, both had experienced head pressure and problems with chronolocial thinking. They said, "everything's a blur" referring to how they experienced events of their daily lives. One person was vaxxed, the other was not. The latter had very obviously picked up a good dosage of shedding from neighbors living upstairs, which I couldn't believe at first. Did nano particles / nano bots truly penetrate walls, floors and ceilings?


Patrick Soland, a Swiss researcher on Shedding who runs a Telegram channel with nearly 20k followers is certain that they do. In a private exchange, he told me that both particles and bots not only latch on to any surface imaginable, they also penetrate all kinds of materials including fabric, some kinds of plastic and even wood. Hence, in wood construction buildings one can easily pick up shedding from neighbors living above or next door. Patrick mentioned that he works with hotels and people, who own vacation rentals, and shared the disastrous effects the shedding vaxxed guests leave in those places ... not only on all surfaces and fabrics but also in bedding and matresses. The cleaning personnel goes to great lengths to wash everything from decorative pillows to curtains after each guest, not mentioning that they feel sick as hell every time they have to clean such a room! 


Even though all of this information came to me already four weeks ago, it was only in the past few days that the full scope of this issue sank into my awareness. For one, I have been watching vaxxed people around me starting to act very strangely. I observe repetetive, absolutely nonsensical behavior in some of them, that not only defies all logic, it also seems completely out of character for the person in question. So far so good. In my book, everyone getting the jab must not be in their right mind anyway, so I didn't give it too much thought when I started to become of these things. However, in the course of those four weeks, I experienced two attacks from one and the same person, who has had their second jab mid of May. The first time it happened, I could almost physically feel a "blow directed at my head" but could deflect it instantly and nothing really happened. The second time, however, turned out to be more serious.


The situation was in the car, where I couldn't get away. The person touched me physically, and while I cleared myself right away, I wasn't attentive enough and missed to do some post-work once I was at home. The following day my face began to swell up, and I developed not only a massive sinus infection but also an abscess on one of my teeth, which was surgically opened and drained four days later. Once I had the worst behind me and could finally think clearly again, I was shown by my guides how the spike proteins had attached and synergized with viruses already present in my sinus cavities and gum line. Frankly, at first, I couldn't believe this, much less find evidence for it on the web. However, Patrick released a protocol a few days ago in which he shares his experience in shedding causing the stimulation of Herpes zoster infections in people. Needless to say I'm still laboring to get that infection taken care of without antibiotic treatment and delivering another blow to my already weakened immune system.


So much about the Shedding activating viral infections. Back to the nano bots.


Today, a dear friend of mine shared her experience from last night where her husband was kicking her in his sleep and making her feel like there was something profoundly wrong on the room. She felt the presence of something not very light-filled and asked to be shown what was going on with him. Sure enough, she saw silvery glitter or particles swirling around his head and had no idea what that meant. Later, her husband told her that he had been attacked and fighting for his life in his dream. My friend had no idea what I had seen in others before, but it was clear we had both seen the same thing, especially since the unvaxxed person mentioned previously had had similar nightmares during the time mentioned. It seems evident from all of this that the nano bots are activated during the night and how much this causes interference in the person's thought process I'm not even sure I want to know.


It is a scary thought, albeit not surprising that our minds are to be altered in order to better control us. Not a new idea or unknown either, as the following article proves. This has been talked about for long; however, I admit to see it first-hand with people close is a whole different and rather gutwrenching experience.