New Earth Compass II: Facing the Unknown

This post is a continuation of the last one in which we covered quite some ground. We know we are now being moved into position for a two-year-period that will start with the end of this year. We feel a sense of urgency that comes with it, all the while many of us have no clue where they will end up living.

Quite a contrast, it seems. But maybe it is not a contrast at all?

The urgency we feel comes from the importance of the mission and is not meant to lay any pressure on us. In fact, I believe what we are perceiving as "urgency" might be the Universe's focused efforts to deliver to us exactly what we need in any given moment. A lot of eyes are watching us right now, and just like you instinctively feel when someone is secretly observing you, you might feel the focus on you right now. After all, it's only the whole frigging galaxy currently watching with great intent and interest what we on Earth are making of this bat-shit crazy situation we are in! Their cosmic laser focus might give you a tingle in the neck once in a while!

Hence, it helps to see this as something extremely positive, because it means we are being watched, we are being held and, most of all, we are not alone. You might feel a bit alone and lost in your current circumstances, but believe me when I say you are anything but alone right now. None of us is.

So, we gave our consent, made our decree, and now we are trying our utmost best to relax into the whole situation and allow for hints, signs and synchronicities to flow our way … while biting our nails when no one else is looking ;-). 

The process taking place in the outer is one that requires our discernment. Whatever comes our way, we must run it through our gut instinct, intuition and BS filter, and when something passes the test, we take action. In the previous post, I used the analogy of a cat before the mouse hole. While the image serves to make a point, it also conveys one of the greatest challenges this process poses for most of us. How does the cat feel while it is holding the attention on that hole … and the mouse is nowhere to be seen?

Few of us are born with the stalker instinct of a feline, so here is where the rubber hits the road. When nothing seems to happen, and we struggle to keep our energy and attention up, while having no clue why we are doing this anyway, we have entered the great Unknown. This is where the real fun begins. At some point on this amazing journey you will have to pass through this "place" from which all of Life is born, and the way you handle your time in here greatly impacts the outcome. The Unknown can pose your greatest challenge on the path to fulfilling your life purpose, but when you know what awaits you, you will be able to navigate more effectively.

The Unknown is the place of all potentialities, all possibilities, all options, all possible outcomes … and it feels empty when you're in it. No road signs. No map. In the Unknown, your compass needle is frozen to the zero point. There is no reference point you can relate to, because it is purest darkness you will ever face and you cannot see a thing. The Unknown is the all-encompassing blackness that contains the Universe and births it anew every nanosecond. No sound, just the most numbing stillness you will ever feel. Entering the Unknown can be a bit frightening at times, especially when you are inwardly in "come one, let's gooo" mode.  

And while we are not in a war here (or are we?), there is one aspect of you that has a real problem with this place called the Unknown. And that is your ego-mind. Your ego-mind hates the Unknown with all the gut power it can generate in you, because it instinctively knows that it cannot be heard  anymore and loses control once you have surrendered to the great Nothingness from which your new life is being born. As a result, the ego-mind will try everything to stay in control, and the greater your leap will be or the crazier the choice you will make, the more desperate the ego-mind will become. It will throw everything at you it can think of. And, mind you, the ego-mind is a powerful thinker and a sneaky brat all the same.

After all, in your old life, the ego-mind served as the media coordinator of your daily life existence, constantly broadcasting to you what was right and not, where to go and not, what to do and not. It is, if you will, a tool employed by those who constructed this matrix system that has enslaved humans for thousands of years. The ego-mind is the conditioned part of you that continually draws from the past when matching your current experience to its database. Remember when we said, "The past is no longer a reference?" It means YOUR past is no longer a reference for what is to come, and to give power to the ego-mind in the decision making process you are in right now would mean to give power to the past. Because that is all the ego-mind can relate to!

It has no idea what is to come. A brilliant tool for logical, mental mind games, the ego-mind has zero talent in foreseeing a future that exceeds the past in every aspect. Knowing this, consider this for a moment: Do you truly believe that the ego-mind can give you sound advice about the magical, mystical, synchronistic place you are about to enter when it has never been there before? When the 5D landscape with all its marvelous energetic imprints of oneness, unity, peace, unconditional love and much more is a place yet unknown to your ego-mind, can you then expect to receive solid advice from your ego-mind about it?

The Unknown takes you to the very edge of your comfort zone … and then further. The ego-mind knows it, and it will step in to save you from making "a bad choice," which is just about anything the ego-mind cannot find a past reference for. So, be prepared for the conditioned and indoctrinated part of yourself to act out and blow up in your face and throw everything at you it can possibly think of. In most cases what it has to say might even sound like a "very logical argument," although "logic" and rationale are some of the old earth traits that won't make it past the ascension ladder.

And what do you do when this happens?

You ignore it. It's your job not to feed the ego-mind any attention which, in turn, will nourish the nonsense it wants to make you believe. If the Universe has given you hints and synchronicities, and the ego-mind is trying to talk you out of following them, you do … nada. You ignore it like you would ignore a child having a tamper tantrum, and you move on. Of course, for this to be effective, you must be two things:
aware that the thoughts you are dealing with is indeed mindfuck, and not guidance. Remember the last blog post? Things that take effort are not in alignment with your soul path, and the past is no longer a reference. So, you know, when doubts creeping in make you venture into the past and have you work hard for something … you have trailed down a rabbit hole.
willing to sit in the Unknown and hold out in the energy of nothingness. And this willingness must be greater and more powerful than the acts of your ego-mind.

Naturally, the willingness to surrender to the Unknown is paired with a deep trust in Life. Somewhere inside of you, you must find this place where you connect with the Divine in your very own, intimate way, and you know for sure that you will not be let down. Finding that sweet spot within is your meditation work, and being able to call it up when the ego-mind lashes out is your practice. Make it your goal never to leave the observer position, until you are so comfortable hanging out in the vast Darkness of the Unknown that you have mastered the cat before the mouse hole attitude to the extent that the tension building up becomes joyful anticipation.

Hanging out in the great Unknown with an overactive mind is a pain in the ass. You can make it a lot easier on yourself when you learn not to engage with the mind's games and just let them pass. Hence, meditation, meditation, meditation. And with that I don't mean doing guided meditations where someone speaks into your ear the entire time, whence giving your mind a feast to draw from! No, I mean good old-fashioned meditation, centered in the heart space. Sit, breathe, then drop your awareness from your mind into your heart and hold it there. When the thoughts come up, don't engage and watch them sailing past your screen like big clouds in the sky.

"Guided meditations" are an invention of the New Age cult. Frankly, in my book, there is no such thing as a guided meditation. There is meditation, and there are inner journeys, like my Sacred Journeys, which are based on shamanic journeying, and many more variations of this kind work. The goal of meditation is to quieten the mind, and you cannot quieten your mind by engaging it in listening to someone telling you what to do! Hence, almost all so-called "guided meditations" will not help you to familiarize yourself with the Unknown. There is one exception that I'm aware of though, and that is the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

As a Sufi used to silent meditations in the heart space, I started to engage in Joe's work in early 2017. At first, his meditations reeaally riled me up. I was used to going into this still space within myself, and whenever I was there, this guy kept babbling and babbling, giving commands and telling me what to do. It annoyed the crap out of me! Still, I stuck with it and, at some point, surrendered to the process which I could see he had laid out for his followers.

His goal is to re-train the brain to respond to life situations differently than before, to break old neurological pathways and to install new ones, and to teach people to shift their state of being at will. So, I went through years of training and disciplined practice with Joe's work, only to end up with a combination of "my way" and his way in the end. From Joe, I learned the tools to discipline the mind and change my state of being on purpose and at will. Yet, since I find his approach rather masculine in nature, I had to come back to my Sufi way of receptively hanging out in the heart space, which is much more feminine. I am, however, eternally grateful to Joe for the tremendous work he's done, since I'm highly aware how much I draw from it in my work and personal life.


I also believe that women and men deal with the Unknown and the challenges posed by the ego-mind differently. While men must work things out in their mental bodies to understand and rationalize things, a woman's way is always through the emotions to the resolution. Hence, at times, when facing the tamper tantrum of my ego-mind and the shit from the past that comes with it, I consciously allow myself to sink into the emotional abyss and deep-dive into that darkness within that inevitably connects every woman with the Great Unknown. However, unlike fifteen years ago when I would I be at risk of getting utterly lost in my own emotional soup, I now have the assurance that I will never lose control to the extent that I cannot bring myself out of the mess in an instant. If I have to, I know exactly what to do to shift my brain into a different state.

I will post an explanatory video below and to those interested, I recommend to take Joe's work up from the start, as there is a process laid out that should be taken step by step. If you do the work long enough, you get very well acquainted with the Unknown and you will love the process. THAT is the goal on this journey, and was my objective with this blog post … to make you aware of the Unknown, motivate you to go there consciously and face the challenges head on because it will be sooo worth it. If there is one thing, I have learned in the years on this path it is this:

The Unknown is the perceived enemy of the human being, because the ego-mind cannot handle the uncertainty and vast sense of nothingness it is confronted with. However, the Unknown is THE place where your future is born and the details of your Soul Path and life purpose reside. So, you have to face it at some point … and now is the time, for …

                                                                                  the Unknown will never let you down.