Your Compass to the New Earth

As I continue to contemplate my HS channeling from March 30, an excerpt of which I have now decided to publish at the end of this article, the core message surrounding the "chaos phase" has been confirmed by several different sources. And, yesterday, the information that July might turn out to be a really rough month added to the bigger picture. Given my personal situation and the guidance I am receiving for it, I decided to summarize the key elements I see currently at play and what they mean for Lighthouses and Starseeds, who might be wondering where to position themselves for what is to come.

The timeline given in the channeling was quite precise: By September / October you must be ready to go and be of service, meaning by that time, we should have our work, our methods in place, our business in operation in such a way that we can be found. The phase prior, in which inconsistency and upheaval will reign, is the time put before us to get our shit together and stuff in order.

Since there is nothing to DO and only to BE, this is a very specific hint. Reminder: the actual work we do takes a backseat compared to what we are. And what we are is Divine essence walking in a flesh suit on the energetic grid, which we feed with the frequencies we generate in our energy bodies. Our state of being is essential, as it nourishes the crystalline grid system that spans the Earth like a network of light cells. Through the synergetic process taking place between our energy fields and the grid, Divine Love is anchored onto the plane, and it is of paramount importance to the ascension process where exactly that is to take place.

In other words, the one thing that is of great importance in the coming months is physical location. To those, who cannot follow here: it was never about you, it was always about the whole, and the vehicle through which this service is done is THE BODY. Hence, the continuous efforts of the dark cabal to separate us from that, which should be most sacred to us—our body—and to manipulate, distort and control our relationship with it via false guidance in pretty much every area that concerns the physical, including nutrition, the wrong application of school medicine and the negation of naturopathic/herbal healing modalities. Our body is the sacred vehicle we use in order to anchor ascension frequencies to this planet, hence the energies generated as we individually go through our LBPs and elevate our consciousness levels are pivotal to the greater transmutational process taking place.

Back to the physical location. For many of us, this might not mean anything, but for quite a few of us this means to change location and move to a different place where the frequency we carry is an exact match to what is needed there. Many of us are already in position, but—again—for some this might mean that great change is afoot.

For almost a year now, I have been watching this process take place in the lives of friends and fellow lighthouses, while oftentimes they don't even know that it is happening. Some have based their decision to move on outer circumstances, apparently no longer in alignment with their inner landscape … but, make no mistake, there is Divine intelligence at work here, and these souls will end up exactly where they need to be!

We all will be exactly where we need to be at any given moment in time. Trust, of course, is the key concept here, but at this point in the ascension game your trust in the Divine should not even be a question. If you are one of those still waiting for the guidance to show up with unmistakeable clarity, here is a compass that might help you navigate your journey. 



Before anything can truly begin to happen, ask yourself if you have given your consent. You must let the universe know that you are ready and willing to walk this path of service to the whole. Likewise, your HS, your guides, the angels and all the light beings involved in this incredible spectacle cannot act on your behalf, if you have not made your decision.

A conscious decision, or better yet make a decree from your heart that you are ready and willing to embark on the greatest adventure of your life—no matter what. Of course, it is within your rights to ask for this to be for your highest good and evolvement and all of that, but … believe me when I say, you will not be disappointed. Once you step onto your soul path, get used to making those "ooooh" and "aaaah" faces, we made as children before the Christmas tree, A LOT.


Then we ask for guidance and relax into the situation. Guidance might come in a myriad of different ways, but most often it will show up in form of very obvious hints and synchronicities hitting us over the head. As I'm writing these lines I'm watching a green/golden beetle bug crawl across the table right by my keyboard. It is considered a special kind of beetle over here and considered the "European Scarabaeus." Perhaps you remember one of the three books I referenced in the article on the LBP?

"The Secret of the Golden Flower" uses the scarabaeus as a symbol for the work that needs to be done to achieve immortality. It is an ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth and the overcoming of physical death. THIS is synchronicity at full play right in front of my eyes, confirming to me that what I'm writing here is not only true but also in alignment with my soul.

Watching out for guidance is not a state of doing, rather it is a state of attentive receptivity. My Sufi teacher used to say, "like a cat before the mouse hole … infinitely relaxed and infinitively attentive." Ears pricked up, antennas polished, we wait and watch.

In doing so, clarity is our travel companion and the following are the principles that want to guide our discernment.


The archetypical figure of the New Earth is the child of the sun, and its energetic signature is JOY. So, any time the compass needle points in that direction, we know we are on the right path. Follow your bliss is not just a saying ... again, adjust your compass needle to JOY and go where it points you.

When something in the process requires effort and strength or drains us of energy, we know that what we are doing is not in Divine order, for anything that requires effort is not Divinely aligned. In other words, when things don't flow freely, you are in resistance to Love, for all there is in this universe is Love - and resistance to it. So, if it's not Love, it must be some form of resistance and that means you have left the place of love from which you co-create with the universe. Your job now is to move back to the middle and anchor yourself in your heart space.

Breathe through your heart. Relax. Call up the moment you made your decision and remember why you made it. Re-align with your heart space, adjust your compass and on you go.


And with that, I mean your own past experiences. You are entering new, uncharted territory and none of what you learned in all those decades of diligently doing your inner work is going to help you here, because the rules that apply are no longer rooted in a system of enslavement. Rather they are based on unconditional love, freedom, authenticity, Truth and care for the whole. The landscape you are about to enter is one of magic and wonder, and the road signs are made up of frequency alignment and synchronicity trails. This is a place you have only visited in your lucid dreams before, so none of what you experienced up until now can serve you as reference. You will not be able to say, "because I learned XXXX in my previous experience and I concluded ZZZZ from it, I will handle this situation like ZXZX." The sooner you can let go of this concept, the better. The so-called spiritual laws of the old system no longer apply in those same ways.

In fact, I would even go so far as to say that a lot of what we thought to be true ten years ago can now be considered Spiri Matrix Mindfuck, a co-creation between myself and my friend, Liv.

I will give you an example to illustrate what I mean: You work in an environment where your co-workers make your life miserable. The old, New Age cult inspired way of looking at the situation would be to ask yourself "why am I drawing this into my life? What do I need to learn from this situation about myself? What is it they are mirroring me back about myself? Am I treating myself like shit or what?" And you spiral into this inner deep dive, with your mind exploring more and more reasons to make yourself miserable, and in the end you feel like shit and you have no strength left to even ask, "what should I do?"

I tell you with all sincerity of my heart that from a 5D perspective this is bullshit. Yes, there is a law of resonance. You acknowledge it, you look at your emotional triggers and then you move on, because at this point in the game said situation means only one thing: GET OUT.

Even in the old days, there was valuable guidance for such a situation when Sigmund Freud said, "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” In this day and age, I would simply say: Don't allow any of these Matrix Mindfuck games to distract you from where you are to go: On and Up!

Stop regurgitating the old stories from the past, stop digging for childhood trauma or finding the explanation for your trigger in your ancestral lineage. You see, you acknowledge, you shed your light of consciousness on it and then you move on. There is no point in calling up these old energies. They serve nada at this point. The very thing that keeps you on the straight path is clarity. So, make sure to reinforce your decision often and make sure you are inwardly aligned with your commitment to the journey at all times.

Yes, you might not know where you're going exactly, but you know THAT you are going. Leave the how and when to the universe and your soul's brilliant Divine timing skills. Trust that you are guided through the Great Unknown, for courage and service to the whole will always be rewarded. There is nothing that can go wrong! You will be guided exactly where you need to be, and the entire universe is conspiring to help you to your destination, and when you arrive, you will be celebrated in ways you never thought possible before.

Perhaps you can find inspiration in the words of the Lavender Light Warrior:

"Things have moved into fast gear so any change might come fast, but mostly, it will be supported by the Universe and shall not be a burden or heavy weight on our shoulders as we are on a Sacred Path, accomplishing a Divine Mission!"

Indeed. Remember who and what you are … the co-creator of your life path in unison with your Soul.

This is what you have come here for.

This is your moment.  


What is the current situation in the great shift on this planet?

The shift has commenced in the second week of March with the planet fully ascending into 5D. Everything happening on the planet right now is a process of adjusting to the new, higher frequencies, which includes the crystalline structures and electromagnetic grid. The entire process is much more advanced than one might think. Much has happened already albeit invisible for you. In the coming weeks, the great revelations will begin, starting mainly on the American continent. European media will try to filter and block this for some time, but this will not be successful for long. The actual "pandemic" will soon come to an end, within the next few months. The end will come abruptly.

However, we would like to point out that the actual work to be done will only start then. We understand, of course, that your sitting through this period of lockdowns and resistance has tested your patience, your energy bodies and nervous systems. But please keep in mind that the phase you are entering after this time period of restraints will be even more difficult, albeit in a very different way. In this moment, most lightworkers and high frequency bearers are still a bit in the waiting game. Until now, you have been given the chance to fly under the radar mostly and most of you were not directly confronted with the happenings in the outer. This will change.

You will all be moved into positions where you will not only have to position yourself but also actively support the awakening people around you with your frequency and your wisdom. You will also need to help those around you, who have chosen to get the vaccine, until they are ready to move to another dimension beyond this planet. There will, of course, also be those waking up in a psychosis, as we have told this channel already a year ago. And the latter will not be an easy task.  The field of tension awaiting you will be the awakened ones versus the unawakened ones, and you will continue to work like this for the coming two years - with one leg in the old time and the other in the New Earth.

Systems will change, but it will take about two years to transition to the New Earth.

If corona will suddenly have disappeared, will the vaccinations stop as well?

No. The vaccinations will not stop because many people will not be ready to let go of their fear. People have free will and many will choose not to believe the revelations. The indoctrination has been very thorough, so much so that many people will believe the truth told to them to be a lie or conspiracy, and they will volunteer to have the vaccination. Even when main stream media and some politicians, as will be the case, will present the truth, they will not believe it. Even if they admit to lying due to being threatened and pressured, they will not be believed. Many people will have to disbelief as this will be their mechanism to prevent themselves from slipping into a psychosis.

Again, could you confirm to us the timeline please?

Within the next weeks, the so-called pandemic will be resolved. We see end of April as a possible timeline for an end to the entire agenda and the start of the revelations. This can be delayed by a few weeks, but not much more than that. After that, a time period of several weeks will begin where a lot of chaos and turmoil will erupt. In this time, we urge you to stay in hiding during that time. Please do not allow your urge to tell your fellow humans "I told you so" to get the better of you. Said time period is meant for you to keep a low profile, and we urge you to take this seriously. Make yourselves invisible, detach from everything until the waves have calmed down. The mass of people waking up will have to work through this chaos by itself. When things calm down—we see this happening around August or September—then is the time to start your real work!

In the two years to come, your wisdom, your light, your work will support humanity on the path to the New Earth with many, many souls ascending to 5D. This is what you have come here for!