When you know ...

To my knowledge the Great Shift has commenced, and the New Earth has entered the planet during this past weekend of Pentecost, which was the holiest and most sacred since the rise of Yeshua the becoming the Christ more than two thousand years ago.


Fifth dimensional consciousness frequencies were brought down and firmly anchored onto the crystalline grid of the planet. It is now readily accessible to every soul incarnate walking this planet at this current time, which is the greatest and most important this planet has ever seen.

The greatest misperception, continually fed and more or less purposefully undermined by the dark cells within the Lightworker fraction, has always been that the New Earth would suddenly, magically appear in front of everybody. The conception that the outer environment would transform into paradise before your eyes and all you had to do was to simply walk into it, the very notion that while doing so, all your lower frequency parts would disappear into nothingness is just one of the illusions that many will need to shed.

Yes, the New Earth is here now. It has been anchored as an energetic field of consciousness that is now tied to the crystalline grid of the planet, hence it is now more readily accessible to you. To enter this field and access this new level of consciousness, you must align yourself with its frequencies. In order to do so, you must go through the stages of the Light Body Process (LBP) which is now well underway in those currently incarnate whose Divine soul blueprint contains the plan for the planetary ascension experience.

Again, fifth dimensional consciousness is a inner state of being, you will come to attain once you have completed the LBP to the extent that ascension is possible. With your oversoul descending into your light body structure, you will make a shift in awareness and expand your consciousness, so much so that you will wonder why in the world you were so fond of the life you used to live. What you will experience now, will blow your mind ... in a good way, because that tricky monster, which was energetically connected to the Matrix Mindfuck system, will not be able to exist with the antics it has used to enslave you in the 3rd dimension :-).


How do you know that you have entered the New Earth?
You will know ...


When one morning you wake up and the world looks different.
When the colors appear more vibrant and your perceptions gain depth
When you see clearer and sharper, even though your physical eye sight is impeded.
When the light takes on a golden hue.
When you see rainbow colors in the air and rainbows arise from the ground wherever you look.
When the birds sing different songs and the animals are more content.
When your perception of temperatures and light vastly differs from the people around you, and you are wearing a scarf while the other is going barefoot.

When you no longer consult any sources outside of yourself.

When you love those you never liked before-and you love yourself most. 
When all your senses are heightened, yet the negative impacts this has had on you in the past are gone.
When language becomes a barrier in your efforts to describe your experience.
When you are no longer concerned with the reactions of others.
When you act on impulse only, without filtering, questioning or even hesitating.
When all ego fears seem like a faint memory of the past.
When you no longer react to anything and the word "trigger" makes you laugh.
When you know that this was real all along, and it was never really any different.
When the Love for life feels like a pale blue flame in your heart.
When all is well and as it should be.
When there is nothing left to say.

Welcome Home, weary traveler.