On "Shedding"

A blog post that should have come a week ago, but I was hesitating to be honest. So much has been said and written about this topic that I was inclined not to deal with it publicly. But my team on the spiritual plane insisted it was important. So be it.

However, I would like to clarify something beforehand. I don't really see myself as a so-called "energy worker" among those who work for the Light. I personally know enormously powerful lightworker colleagues with far more pronounced perception of energies. I see on the inner planes mostly, while many now already perceive on the outer level, with their physical eyes. But, Sufis are trained to respond to the need of the moment. And so, despite my initial hesitation, I surrendered and do what needs to be done.

Two weeks ago, in a session in the Initiation Chamber, when I was about to remove a dark brown layer from a friend's abdomen, I said to her, "that stuff looks like it's not from this world." It could not be removed with a simple energetic cleansing either, so my helpers told me it was time to invoke Metatron. This I did and "he" came in the form of an energy field and inspected the situation. It took a long time for the layer, which externally looked like a plate of peat, but of a different texture, to come off. It was actually removed as a whole layer, just as if a slab of peat was being lifted out of the earth. The whole session lasted about 30 minutes, and I was pretty exhausted afterwards. 

Two days later, I heard about "shedding for the first time."

It was then that I first realized that what had happened in the session was exactly what I had channeled through my Higher Self under hypnosis on March 30. Namely, that the effects of the vaccination would be very difficult to eliminate energetically, especially after the second injection, and that it was necessary to involve Metatron in the process. So now we have arrived at the effects of contact with vaccinated people on those who did not opt for the lethal injection. When I see what they do to us, I don't want to know what it looks like in the energy bodies of the injected. Even if I know through my channelings what happens there, I would prefer not to be confronted with it. But ... as I said: the need of the moment. 

In the following I list my experiences so far with the "brown soup" as I call it and offer a list of measures as far as they are known to me so far. I will continue to update this list as I evolve and grow with the subject. 


The vaccinated are steaming out all the toxic substances given to them by lethal injection ... genetically manipulative materials, so-called spike proteins that damage cells and DNA, nanoParticles that can be controlled by electromagnetic frequencies from the outside. One may wonder why there are people on this planet who have chosen the vaccination despite this knowledge, but that's a whole different topic. 

In the vaxx victims, which basically do not exist, because they have more or less consciously chosen this path, these substances steam out of mouth, nose, ears and diffuse through the skin to the outside. The more recent the vaccination, the stronger this transmission. And here it should be briefly mentioned that the population reduction by vaccination was never the sole goal of the Plandemic, but the eradication of the true danger for the dark cabal: the lightworkers, starseeds and incarnated twin souls, who due to their genetic constellation alone represent a threat to the continuation of enslavement, because they are already awakened and thus cannot be manipulated. Due to their 0-blood group/Askenazi gene constellation, they are also more vulnerable because their DNA is the purest currently living on this planet. People of blood type A and B are less vulnerable, but should not rest on it. It is self-evident that the true legion of light fighters of the New Earth will not let this satanic scheme prevent them from fulfilling their mission. 

Symptoms and effects
To the best of my current knowledge, symptoms of those affected so far range from headache, stomach pain, aching limbs, dizziness, nausea. Women report strange pains in the abdomen and uterus that feel briefly like ovulation or PMS, but can often be sharper and more persistent, and irregular bleeding and even abortions. Women who sleep next to vaccinated partner report unexplained bruising. 

Thank the Goddess that the warrioresses of the Lightworker Legion are endowed with a healthy dose of fearless stamina, otherwise the masked gynecologists might now have a problem they couldn't solve at their hands. 


What helps?
Everything that draws the particles out of the body and does not burden the organs. Detoxifying does not make sense here, because who wants to pass this garbage through his excretory organs liver, kidney and intestine? So the ingested dirt should go out where it came in - through the skin. A dear friend from Denmark gave me the tip with the electrolysis foot bath. Since then it has been making the rounds in my network, and I have used it successfully many times, even on myself.

According to Dr. Judy Mikovits, the active ingredient Suramin helps reverse the effects of vaccinations. Suramin, developed by Dr. Robert Koch about 100 years ago (yup, that one!), occurs naturally in pine needles - not spruce, not fir, no pine. Fennel seeds help ward off blood clots in the brain and bruises on the body. Red Beet has a cleansing and strengthening effect on the uterus.

So what did I do? I have cooked extracts of pine needles, fennel seeds and beet respectively and recorded the frequencies of these with the Healy to for remote transmission to clients. So far I have had very good success with this, and it has also worked very well for myself within 20 minutes. Of course, you can also use these remedies directly, preferably in the form of tea and, in the case of beetroot, freshly squeezed juice.

On the energetic level, I can only report from my work in the Initiation Chamber, but suspect that any lightworker can do this work by invoking Metatron.

That the Healy also supports the body on the bioenergetic level is a gift as well. For me, it is impossible to imagine this time without the little wizard. It is  indeed one of the healing tools that are available to us thanks to Nicola Tesla and Markus Schmieke.