Love in the Great Awakening and Ascension process

Something to ponder ...

Throughout this entire shit show and even more so recently, people have been sending me material from what I call the "New Age cult." Most of them videos of channelings, conversations between mediums, healers, coaches, energy workers, you name it, exploring the full range of "spiritual topics" covering anything from detoxifying the pineal gland to instructions on how to call in your twin flame to the vast array of nonsensical interpretations of the happenings around the Great Awakening ending up in the crazy, off-the-wall speculations that have been circulating since anons started to enter the global scene four years ago.

The number of people, who have made it to the forefront of this cult during the scamdemic, I'm sure, is much greater than I am aware of, as I have stopped watching any of said material by January this year. For a while, though, I was fascinated by Q and the movement it sparked. I love mysteries and found the suspense that lies in the question whether it is real and whether there is really a plan quite intriguing … until I realized that the anons themselves, those who follow and claim to understand Q, are just as brainwashed and victimized by Matrix mindfuck as the rest of the unawakened majority of souls on this planet. Without being aware of it, they created their own kind of matrix, ruled by their own set of dogma.

In the second group, which can be called spiritualists compared to the previously mentioned truther movement, dogma was replaced by what I would call spiritual mindfuck. Granted, most of the time, I don't understand the convoluted terminology that seemed to have made it to default the diction used in this community, but I'm quite certain I haven't missed out on much. Unless, of course, I would run into situations where I needed a black crystal shield antidote to fight off the corrupted matrix signal or I would care to know the truth about God or experience transmissions from the Galactic Federation from the one and only channel medium on the web, who channels belly-free in full make-up, and has mastered the grande art of adjusting her hair every couple minutes while channeling in a deep trance state.

So, am I picking on those people because my belly free days are long gone or I'm jealous the average Anon channel on Telegram has 35k followers and mine has 42? Maybe, but maybe not.

Maybe I'm picking a bone with all those mentioned and many more, wisely ignored but in the same category, because I wasn't so happy with how they conducted themselves and what they have been teaching over the past year. While the anon community cannot be counted among the spiritually awaken, the new age cult can. While it was a pleasant fact to see anons return to prayer and calling on Spirit or God for support, they of course did in their usual dogmatic fashion, only to open up another can of indoctrinated worms. 


My frustration with both these groups revolves around one topic, they very rarely touched: Love.

I saw and watched very, very few remind their vast number of followers of the one thing that is essential to both the Great Awakening and the Great Shift / Ascension. And that one thing is Love. 

At times I wonder how many anons and new age cultists might have arrived at the conclusion that none of their widely published mottos achieved much of anything, except to further confuse those, who were scared out of their wits for fear of a deadly v-uz that threatened their livelihood and very existence.

Likewise, I wondered how many of the new age cultists, who have completely bought into the dark, distorted teachings of the LOA possibly recognized themselves as the creators of the realty they were watching when standing in line at the supermarket checkout and inwardly judging the mask wearing "sheep asleep" in front of them. One year later, many of these very same lightworkers are still complaining about people not waking up, even though the signs of a scam are as big as barn doors now. This amazed me, to say the least, since many of them should be aware of the different brain states not just since Dr. Joe Dispenza has made it to the scene.

I already wrote about this one year ago, but here we go again for a refresher. The brain of a person in fear is in fight-or-flight mode. The main concern of this brain is to get to safety. Have you ever tried to stop an antelope, who is running from a hyena for her life, in her tracks and ask her a math question? 

Add to this scenario the constant fear porn and hypnotization via subliminal messages and manipulating frequencies through TV, then you know why people are not waking up. Their brains have no capacity to do so. Unless …

… their hearts are opened to bring the person into a state of coherence. How does the heart of a fearful or anxious person open? Through Love. And where does this Love need to come from? Outside of themselves, because in the brain state they are in, they cannot generate it themselves.

So, the way to wake people up is by LOVING THEM. Simple truth. Let that sink in for a moment.

And this is true for both kinds of awakenings and something the new age cult has sort of forgotten in all the nonsense they have been teaching about ascension into 5D. Amid pineal gland decalcification, kundalini breathing, and all kinds of light code activations and transmissions the one piece of information that seems to have been lost in translation is the fact that there is NO ascension without a fully expanded heart center. How will you live in a 5D world where unconditional love and unity consciousness rule, which is impossible to attain without the activation of the three-fold flame in the fifth chamber of the heart? The new agers seem to think that this will be the result and happen naturally, sort of on its own, after making the shift, without realizing that it is THE prerequisite for any ascension to begin with.

For many people, this awakened heart is difficult to attain and being exposed to the shit show certainly didn't make it any easier.

In some Sufi traditions, the disciple is awakened when the teacher creates Love in their heart. Sufi masters count among the most advanced incarnated souls on this planet, walking among us as Divine humans who are in this world but not of this world. They know how to "turn the heart" of a person, which means to activate a certain energy in the heart chakra that, once activated, leads the human being on a journey toward their own soul through an intense longing for knowledge and the Truth. The Sufis are the keepers of the secrets on this planet, and they have known always that Love in the heart of a person is what wakes them up and sets them on the path Home.

Love wakes up the Soul in the human being.
Love expands consciousness.
Love fulfils all those who are touched by it.
Love heals.
Love unites.
Love protects.
Love serves all of life.
Love is the greatest force in the universe.
Love exposes and illuminates darkness.
Love conquers all.

For more than one year now, we have had ample opportunity to apply this power to the situation at hand. In fact, we had fourteen months to test whether Love is truly the omnipotent remedy for everything. Did we even try? Or did we get stuck in a rut by continually calling our fellow earthlings "sheep asleep" and bitching about their resistance and/or defiance while shaking our heads and rolling our eyes at them?

Let me ask differently. If watching the atrocities of this scamdemic, the fear, loss and trauma it caused in the majority of this planet's population and the incredible, nearly unfathomable, yet very obvious terror caused in the collective psyche of men does not manage to open our heart to feel compassion for all those blinded, betrayed and victimized, then what does? If the very fact that masses of souls incarnate were purposefully enslaved, degraded, robbed of their Divinely given right to sovereignty, freedom and peace since the moment they popped through the birth canal (hopefully they did) in their temporary physical vehicles does not move one to feel a deep, compassionate Love for them, what will? 

Today, I experienced a situation that could have easily send me down the ego-centered rabbit hole. As I went shopping for groceries, I ran into a former friend of mine, a woman who has caused me great pain when suddenly turning her back on me after two years of very intense friendship. Here I was, pushing my cart through the store and watching her from a certain distance. As life has always a special sense of humor when allowed to participate, I ended up in line at the check out behind her with one other person in between us.

I watched this woman, who for two years I had known really well. I saw her hunched over back, that she had lost weight, walked slowly and had grown a set of long, very grey curls. The energy she gave off was one of defeat. I felt her. I felt how small, powerless, confused and also angry she was, because she sensed my presence and couldn't escape it. I tried to feel whether she was fully awake and knew what was happening all over the world. I wasn't sure, but one thing I could see clearly. She did not walk like a person, who would make her ascension soon, as she was not nearly as much in her power as I remembered her.

I knew I would not greet or connect with her when I left the store and walked past her while she was sorting her groceries into her car, wearing a mask with almost no one around in the parking lot. I walked by, got one last energetic look at her and my heart bled for her. I sent her love, asked for forgiveness for any bad thought I had ever had about her after she so abruptly ended our friendship. I drove off feeling I had come a long way since last year, even wondering out loud "what this shit show can do." 


On my way home, I was reminded of a situation I experienced many years ago while being a graduate student at a US university. One of my favorite profes was an elderly gentleman named Jack Hibbard, who taught Christianity and literature. Jack and I had a somewhat special relationship. He understood that my background and belief system was in no way religious, as I despised dogma of any kind, yet allowed me to bring my spirituality to the table in all of the classes I took from him. Over the course of the nine years I spent in the English department we were both in, we had countless special moments in his office at 6.30 in the morning when we both had just gotten in to teach our 8 o'clock classes. I would bring croissants, he would make coffee and we had our wonderful short wisdom chats together.


One day, Jack told me something I would never forget. 

His brother had died a few years back after Jack and his wife had sacrificially cared for him until his last day. On that morning, Jack told me of the last words his brother had spoken. The man had gone in and out of consciousness and was expected to make his transition any moment now, when he seemed to have taken a long breath and was gone. Except he wasn't. Suddenly, he took a deep breather and came back, opened his eyes wide and looked straight at his brother and said, "Jack, you know what the most important thing is when you get to the other side?" 
"No," Jack replied slightly shocked at the crystal clear look in his dying brother's eyes … who replied: "The only thing that matters is how much you have loved."

And you?





You are made of Love. You ARE Love. Remember?