April Time Stamp: Timeline Jumping NOW

We're in the last of 10 PortalDays, and it feels like things are really happening "behind the scenes" right now. Do you sense that too?

If you do, then your feeling coincides with what I channeled from my HS on March 30th. According to my Higher Self, until mid-April a lot will happen on the invisible level and by the end of April the revelations will begin, which will provide for a chaotic phase until about September. After that, "the building of the New Earth" will begin - that is, the shifts and systemic changes.

I am finding this time to be incredibly powerful and highly transformative. Changes happen so quickly, I can hardly keep track of my findings, let alone write blog posts. My body is also struggling right now, my eating patterns are completely thrown off and I need a lot more sleep than usual. In almost stark contrast, my energetic antennae are very polished and my perceptions very clear.

What I perceive at the moment I find extremely exciting. In my view, the portal days have actually opened a portal that easily enables us to jump onto a new timeline. I was able to experience first hand last week what this means and how it feels when I ended up feeling totally electrified for days after a long exchange with a dear friend in Denmark. What had happened?

Well, she had taken an enormously important step for herself that moved her into a higher vibration. For months she had been studying the subject of "sovereignty" and at the end of last week she put her signature on documents that now officially confirm her right to exist as a "living being" on this planet. When I spoke with her a day later, I immediately sensed the change in her. She described that an enormous burden had fallen off her and she felt truly liberated. Physical aches and pains suddenly disappeared, and within a few days all her belly fat was gone. Since then, she has observed how she is changing inside and out ... and I feel it is a wonderful honor to be able to witness this process even from afar.

Why am I sharing this?

Because this scenario presents a practical guide for the present time. Through the conversation with my friend, I have virtually stepped with one foot into this new timeline that she has jumped on. I was electrified for days, even literally so, of which my cat can sing a lamenting tale. My vibration was so high that I hardly knew where to put my feelings of bliss and joy. In the meantime this has somewhat weakened, but I still have access to this higher timeline, and it was clearly shown to me that I am quite right with my perceptions:

Right now, we can just jump onto higher timelines with great ease - and also create new ones.

How do we do that? By putting our spotlight on something that is reality in our New 5D Earth. Find something that you personally feel is true in the New Earth, something that is unapologetically fact for you there. So, the new banking system, communal living, a new education system, gardening, self-governance, politics-free governance, working without having to earn money, etc. Whatever it is ... find one thing that captures your interest and inspires you, and focus your attention on it.

If you want to make it easier, research what's already out there, where other people have already taken action, and jump on the 5D bandwagon there. Study it and make it come alive in your heart, and stop following the nonsense that is going on externally. It's just a movie that you can easily opt out of by choosing a different program - the program of the future. Your future. And the future of mankind in the New Earth.

After I had already started writing this entry yesterday, wonderful confirmation came this morning in the form of a blog article by Georgi Stankov, which you can read  here. It is indeed very worth reading:

Wishing us all easy and joyful timeline jumping. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose except the swampy soup in which the collective is bathing right now!