Buckle Up! New 5D Earth is here

Can you feel it?

Something’s shifted. Something is different now compared to one week ago. And this is what I feel happened:

On the eve of March 12 CET, the energies of the New Earth have fully descended upon our Mother Earth and everything that lives on her, and we have officially moved into the Golden Age. As you are reading this, be aware that - in this very precious moment - you exist in a situation that has never ever before played out on this planet. It is a great honour and privilege to be part of this, even though it might not feel that way right now. In fact, there is a chance it feels like shit to many of us, and if even ten percent of what I have witnessed happening in myself and others in these past few days is any indicator, some of us might be in for quite a ride in the months to come.

Do you remember what you were doing from 6 p.m. (German time) onward on March 12? I sure do. It had been a challenging day. In the morning hours I read a blog post by a fellow German which had such a profound effect on me that I spent a few hours wallowing in anger and frustration like I hadn’t felt it in some time. By late afternoon, I began to realize that said blog post, which was in essence a reflection on the current situation in this country and the incredible resistance its inhabitants are putting up against their collective Awakening, was a test for me. Once I recognized the lesson, I quickly moved back into my centre and by early evening I found myself in an extraordinary happy-go-lucky mood.

Then something interesting happened. Instead of getting tired as the time of the day would suggest, the energy release continued and by 10 p.m. I had created a new playlist on my Mac I called “Freedom Songs” and soon I found myself dancing around the living room with my bluetooth earbuds in. In my inner vision, I was driving a convertible along Highway 1, watching the ocean waves crash to the shore while singing off the top of my lungs.

The love in my heart seemed to tear me apart, the joy was almost too much to bear, and the bliss my brain experienced almost made me “pop.” I can’t remember having felt this blissed out in a veeery long time. Actually in …well, forever. The energy was incredible, yet in that moment I had no idea what had happened, and frankly I didn’t care. All that mattered was how I felt inside and that was special. Very special. Between singing, dancing and crying tears of purest joy I moved in and out of states of Oneness, as if I was shifting through various layers of multidimensional awareness. A part of me watched attentively what was happening; the other part was fully immersed in this incredible, magnificent, wonderful state, which I was certain would never ever end.

Well, it did.

At first, I was happy to find confirmation for what I experienced through the PAT members the next morning, as expressed on Georgi Stankov's website, but the joy was somewhat hampered by what I saw unfolding. Since the short night that followed my experience I have been watching with growing amazement the chaos that continues to unravel around me as a result of people now being hit by the incredibly high frequencies which Mother Earth has anchored.

In what I’m observing I recognize two major themes: liberation at any cost; and resistance.  

I will address the latter in a separate blog post, so for the moment I want to focus on the theme of LIBERATION.

For those of us whose soul contract carries the ascension stamp, the time of truth has begun. Whatever we have not put into place to support our ascension process will now be forced upon us. The fears we haven’t yet faced, the shadows we haven’t yet shed light on, the decisions we have pushed off to make, anything we have yet to harmonize, make peace with or bring closure to will now call for our attention in a fashion no longer to be overlooked. And given the energies of the first two days in the New 5D Earth, I suggest you better not count on gentle release if you continue to nourish your obvious avoidance pattern.

We are now in 5D. The patterns, techniques and methods that worked before will no longer be as successful, and we are being asked to apply what we so eagerly discussed in theory up until now. Pretty soon, it will become very evident who is still stuck in the theory and who has truly advanced to the next level and embodies the consciousness of the New Earth.

The state I naturally entered on the eve of March 12 is still with me, and its effects were not easy for me to handle in the last two days.

Even though I sort of knew that this month would bring tremendous change for all of us, I didn’t know exactly how it would unfold. Instinctively, I had assigned myself to retreat until the Spring Equinox, had detached from most of social media and limited my contacts to a bare minimum. So, when throughout the past two days my points of contact increased, I was hit by an extremely enhanced sensitivity to the energies in others.

Every single person I talked to was hit by some sort of trauma—minor or large. In each case I could see the potential liberation already lingering around the corner, even though the situation itself seemed dramatic at first glance and caused the respective person emotional pain in varying degrees. Yet, the soul's attempt to free the person from outdated patterns of co-dependency, power struggles and issues of worthiness were quite obvious to me. Lack of self-worth and doubting one's perceptions were the dominant themes I observed, confirming what I addressed several weeks ago: The ego cannot come.

Most therapists and coaches address the issues mentioned above as personal themes, while I personally believe they are in large part the result of the matrix we are conditioned with the moment we pop through the birth channel into this plane, where we the veil of forgetfulness is drawn before our eyes which in turn allows the system of slavery to take full effect. The soul, of course, knows we are now enslaved in a holographic reality whose matrix brands strong conditionings upon our unconscious, as we enter onto the path of liberation without knowing it. Our entire journey through lifetimes on this planet have this one goal: to liberate us from the matrix an evolve our consciousness, so our Soul can return Home. 


The coming months and years will be geared entirely toward this goal. Those, who are awake, will have to deal with anything that might still be in the way of full and complete ascension, and those still enjoying peaceful slumber will be pushed toward their awakening through these very themes mentioned above—and more. 

The key to keeping this process we all must go through is Surrender. The more we are able to let go of what is no longer in alignment with who we are or where we are going, the less painful it will be for us. The result will be massive changes in the inner and outer worlds and a transformation never before seen on this planet. Nobody said it would be a stroll by the beach to ascend to 5D, but we can and we will do it.

Just remember that to be here during this time means you are fit to do it, otherwise you wouldn't have been called for the job. Your daily challenge is to stay connected with your Higher Self. Your connection to your own innermost guidance is your safety zone, the one thing that ensures a smooth ride through this time.

Your spiritual practice is paramount now. Take time to connect, sit, breathe, awaken your heart and focus within rather than without. Be attentive to the messages your body gives you through emotions or possibly even pains, and refrain from doing things that don't feel right. The time of cheap compromises is over. Authenticity and truthful existence is of great importance now, and your barometer for everything you do and don't do is JOY. Follow your bliss, and your journey will be one of abundant love, miracles and adventures.

Welcome to your new 5D Life.