March Time Stamp: Stay The Course

We are four days into what could potentially become the most important month in human history on this planet—can you feel it?

From what I perceive, ascension is in full swing now. The energies pouring in from Source are ramping up daily at incredible speed, as we can see in the spikes in the Schuhmann resonance and the peaking K Index. We all feel these effects differently. Personally, I have been alternating between states of pure bliss and deep, dark shadow work, and I believe that is the quality of the time we are dealing with right now.


Not that the energies haven't been challenging over the past year, but I think they are going to increase tremendously this month and beyond. Our bodies work hard to adjust as they are occupied with high frequencies and the moving ahead of the LBP at the same time. You may be experiencing extreme fatique, headaches, your body aching all over, irregularities with your heart and proplems sleeping.

As with all shadow work, you shed the light of your awareness on what you uncover. What do I do, you ask? Nothing. I just watch. Don't judge. Don't do anything. Just be with it, don't run from it, feel it, sense it, become fully conscious of it … and do nothing else. That alone is hard work!

Essentially this split duality we are experiencing right now describes the quality of the time we are in:

the purging of the old runs parallel to the formation of the new.


Both timeline experiences are available to all of us right this moment, and I predict they will intensify as the month goes on. The co-existence of darkness and light (bliss) is also reflected in the outer world, but we have to master walking the fine line of it in the inner world first, before the effects can show in the outer. Hence, the more diligently we do our inner work, the more profound the changes we will witness in the external world, and the faster they will come.

We are by no means powerless in this shit show we have been immersed in for close to a year now. I said from the very beginning that shadow work will determine the course of events, which seems just as true now as it was ten months ago especially with the unfolding of a pivotal energetic scenario in the current month. This month's energies are incredibly potent. And as powerful as they are, they are also quite unforgiving. They will not allow you to weasel your way around any blind spots or shadows showing up before you, and the only way to master them will be to surrender to them and gratefully accept them as teachers.

Every bit of resistance will blow up in our face. Those not willing to take full responsibility for the fact that everything in their life is a reflection of their inner state will find themselves struggling with the outer world a lot.

So, what can we do to soar on light wings through this month?

  • First and foremost, stop giving energy to what you cannot change. Right now, do you have any power over anything that happens in the world such as politics, regulations, etc? Nope, you don't, so stop paying attention to it. MSM media, alternative reporting or Anons … NONE OF THEM know what's truly happening!! It is supposed to stay SECRET, otherwise "the other side" would get wind of it. You have a choice if you want to spend your time ingesting the true or false interpretations of self-proclaimed experts or intels on current events, or to take charge of your own future and spend time figuring out what YOU want. Remember your thoughts and feelings create a timeline that contributes to the collective timeline. 

If you are confronted with a scenario in the outer world that requires you to make a choice, do so on the basis of your HEART and listen to the faint voice in your head—not the one that screams and yells at you, because that is your ego, a.k.a. your mind conditioned by the very matrix you are trying to leave. Do what feels right and TRUST that you are supported through all of this.
  • Surrender. Try not to resist anything, not rules, regulations, or those who are not awake yet and possibly challenge your narrative. Accept with gratitude what is, knowing that all is always as it should be.
  • Shed light on your shadows and the dark corners of your unconscious. Believe me, the pain you feel in uncovering the shit you avoided for centuries is nothing compared to the misery you will feel upon a delayed ascension. How is shadow work done? See above.
  • Master mind hygiene to the best of your ability. With the rising frequencies on this planet, our thoughts gain more and more power and manifestation can be almost instant. Remember, your energy follows your attention, hence you nourish what you pay attention to. Watch the content of your thoughts and try to catch the negative, destructive ones, while consciously affirming positive thoughts.
Practice self-care and boundaries. Without hurting others. Rest, drink plenty of water, and listen to your body's needs without stepping on other people's toes, getting aggressive about it or even causing conflict. Be compassionate, gentle and loving to yourself—and others.
  • enJOY March 2021. It will be one of the most memorable months in human history, and I'm urging you not to get lost in the 3D matrix by focusing too much on external events. Despite the turmoil that might come (or not), there is a potential for MIRACLES when we stay true to our center and harness the energies we are being gifted.  

A final word to all Starseeds & Lighthouses …
this is your time! This is what you came here for. You've been trained for eons to BE in this time. Right now—this month—there is nothing you must do, except LIVE WHAT YOU ARE and anchor the vibrations of your energetic structure into the crystalline grid of Mother Earth. Drop all pretence and ego. You are here in SERVICE to the whole, and your time of action is fast approaching. Soon, you will be called to assist others in their awakening, and doing so will cause your own LightBodyProcess to commence fully and completely. Once the symptoms wear off, you are FREE TO SOAR. No more splitting headaches. No more strange pains. No more chest pressure and wild heart racing. Within the next few months, you will be through all of this and you will SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY.

It has begun.