The Great Resistance II: How do people wake up?

As my own vibrational signature rises, my antennas become more polished and my perceptions more refined. I find this is particularly true for the topic of RESISTANCE, which I already addressed in a previous post.

In my encounters with others, my "resistance meter" is off the charts more often than I care to admit. While over the past four weeks, I ceased all judgement on the matter, it can still be a somewhat painful process when the person in question is someone I used to be close to. On the other hand, people DO wake up in this time, which in turn can lead to unexpected, pleasant surprises  when running into someone who suddenly speaks of a "plandemic" after having been fearful of the unseen enemy for an irrelevant number of months. 

How, in a case like that, did the person go from being what I call a truth denier to an awoke … how did they manage to unhook from the Matrix?

To understand what happened here, I'm investigating two different processes the incarnate inevitably has to go through on their journey: 1. the unhooking from the ego/matrix connection both energetically and mentally/emotionally, and 2. going through the five stages of grief.

The latter is a process Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlined in her book On Death and Dying, published in 1969. In my understanding of the human psyche, these stages do not only apply to the process of a physical death but to any process that is experienced as a death or loss. In this time of The Great Awakening, the complete collapse of the world thought to be real and the stepping into a new paradigm that, at first, must feel like the Great Unknown is experienced as death. For some it is a sudden death that shakes them to the very core; for others, it's more a slow and painful dying that seems endless. In both cases, the person feels an enormous sense of loss and passes through the various psychological stages of grief, oftentimes without being aware of it.

The five stages of grief described by Kübler-Ross are:


Since we have all run into many people still unawake to the existence of the matrix they live and abide in, I'm asking you: Do you see those people anywhere in these above stages? 

I sure do. To me, this means that my resistance meter kicking in actually points to the person in front of me being in stages one through three with decreasing amplitude. It also explains to me why some people, when faced with some of the information I have thrown at them, responded with anger. It makes perfect sense then that the moment you aim to penetrate their bubble of denial, you become a target for the anger whose job is protect the person from moving to the next stage.


Until a person has moved to stage four, or is in the final stages of the Bargaining phase, they are not able to absorb any information we give them. 

This is further confirmed by the fact that a brain in fight and flight mode cannot process any fact-based information it is given. Hence, it seems a complete waste of time and energy to even attempt to wake someone from their state of denial.  

However, people are waking up right now. So, what is it that happens to them or their lives that pushes them past the denial and anger to the point of questioning, which then leads them to wanting to bargain their way through the news they just encountered to prevent a major loss from happening? 


This is where the heart comes into play, the force often forgotten in this monumental scenario.

I will soon dive deeper into the role of the heart in the awakening. For now, I'll leave you to your own ponderings on the five stages described above and how they factor into your own experience with others …