In The Midst Of The Ascension

We are in the midst of one of the most important time periods this planet has ever seen—at least as far as we can tell. Humanity is in the process of ascending into the next higher dimension of consciousness. We hear a lot about it. Every day we ware bombarded with information relating to it … Schuhmann resonance, solar storms, ascension symptoms, etc. and, in addition, I frequently throw in this ominous LightBody Process (LBP) few even know about! But, what does all this actually mean?

Some background: as a star or planet, the Earth is a living being with her own consciousness, currently undergoing a process of evolution. Evolution means to establish consciousness on a higher level. These so-called levels of consciousness are nothing else but vibrational frequencies of different speed and these levels are also called dimensions. The consciousness of an average unawakened homo sapiens is anchored in the third dimension (3D). Such a person believes that everything can see with their eyes is true and that nothing else exists beyond that. All their senses are focused in the material world. By means of an expansion of consciousness, a person gains access to a higher dimension, that is, their sensory perceptions expand and they begin to see, hear, feel, smell things that are not perceptible in 3D. For this to happen, their vibrational signature has to increase and be close to matching the frequency of the dimension in which such perceptions are a reality. The more this person's vibration increases, the clearer and more distinct their access to other vibrational levels/dimensions becomes.

This raises the question: What is actually vibrating?

What vibrates within us is our energy body, the energetic structure, usually invisible to our eyes, that holds our consciousness. The latter is the part of us that is formless and exists independently of our physical body. Consciousness needs a physical body in order to have the emotional and energetic experiences that ultimately lead to an elevation / expansion of consciousness. The body, however, first and foremost vibrates on the 3D level, and if we now imagine that consciousness is constantly expanding, then the body is practically permanently confronted with the adaptation of its vibrational frequency to the new vibrational level of consciousness.

So much for the basics.

The ascension process we are currently experiencing is a very special one in the history of this planet and of mankind. Before us, four species on this planet have already completed a journey to a higher, collective consciousness, but this time is the first time that the planet herself—as a conscious being—is ascending as well. So, Mother Earth is currently undergoing the same process as we do. That is, parallel to the transformation of the collective human consciousness, the consciousness of Mother Earth is also transforming, and her experience closely mirrors ours. She is experiencing an increase in vibration and her body, i.e. the inner core of the planet, is struggling to integrate these energies, as can be clearly seen in the forces of nature, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.). The changing energies in the planet's meridians even lead to the shifting of the poles.

Now, picture a human being standing on the Earth as an individual, independent, albeit interconnected energy system, with their energy field naturally picking up on the frequencies that flow from the planet's core to the surface. At the same time, that human system is also exposed to the influx of energies coming from above, the cosmos. Often these energies come in form of solar storms that emanate from the sun. Those who have paid close attention to the sun in recent years, have surely noticed the change in its appearance. The sunlight today has a completely different quality than the sunlight 20 or 30 years ago.

Essentially, it is the human kundalini that stands perpendicular to the earth like a column, trying to handle the Earth's frequencies coming from below and the cosmic energies from above. Clearly, everything is related and everything is connected.

This is how it is for us, and for Mother Earth as well. The goal of these elevated frequencies is to lift the collective human consciousness to the next higher dimension. It is inevitable that this causes some strain and rockiness because on the one hand the body must integrate this energetic shift and adapt to it, on the other hand consciousness must be able to expand in a healthy way, so that the psyche suffers no damage. If this happens too quickly, it can lead to psychological / emotional problems. And this is where the LightBody comes into play, as it is the very vehicle that holds our soul or consciousness. On an energetic level, the LightBody is a 5D energy structure that lies dormant in 3D, yet ascending to 5D without a fully established and functioning LightBody is not possible. Details about the LBP would go beyond the scope of this post. I share my knowledge on the LBP in the Awakened Soul Circle where I support members in their journey which naturally includes the LBP.

The physical body alone has quite a lot to handle with all these things and reacts with all kinds of symptoms to the adjustment process to the more subtle level. Here the symptoms of the LBP often mix with the symptoms of the physical body. Below I offer a list of "symptoms" I have been able to observe in myself and others over the past months, even years.

  •     the body as a whole becomes more sensitive, reacts faster and perhaps more violently to everything that does not suit it (anymore)
  •     our food intake changes in a natural way, what worked for us before no longer fits, and the body shows us clearly what it wants and what it does not want; our feeling of hunger can change as well.
  •     heart problems, stumbling, palpitations, pressure on the chest
  •     ominous joint pain
  •     dizziness, spinning dizziness ... yes, and dizziness again
  •     fatigue and leaden, heavy tiredness that can feel like dying
  •     headaches of all kinds, but especially severe out of the neck and at the back of the head (pineal gland activation)
  •     nausea from the stomach, sometimes associated with new food intolerances
  •     nerves, oh the nerves; it can easily feel as if one is on the verge of a nervous breakdown; then it really means complete withdrawal, because the psyche is then at its limit
  •     vibrations in parts of the body or in the whole body; they are either very strong and wake us up at night (then it is LKP) or they manifest themselves as a constant, slight trembling.
  •     tingling in body parts, but also in the brain; yes, there
  •     problems sleeping, falling asleep or sleeping through the night
  •     hot flashes or chills - sometimes alternating; yup, it might not the menopause, it is often the LKP and the adaptation of the body
  •     back pain in the entire back, often very strong in the lumbar spine area
  •     problems with the throat chakra, lump in the throat or choking feeling
  •     feeling like you are not here, not grounded, not present in the here and but perhaps somewhere else

Very often a so-called "upgrade"—an expansion of consciousness—is accompanied by a feverish condition that can feel like the flu. The fever transforms energies in the autonomic nervous system. I also notice that our so-called weak points in the body really blossom now, because they need a lot of energy to move to the next level. I feel this myself in my lungs, which play a big role especially in the LBP.

In the New Era, we will all need to cultivate a much closer relationship with our bodies, a relationship that is characterized by direct communication and that makes the expression of ailments or suffering unnecessary, because we will have learned to listen to our bodies and will not need pain as a messenger and unwanted expression of the misunderstanding taking place between us and our body. The ascension process we are undergoing right now provides the training ground towards mastery on the way to the New fifth dimensional Earth.