Light Body Activation Is Switched On

A couple weeks ago, a client told me that she woke up super scared in the night because she felt her bed shaking underneath her. It was the first time she had felt anything like this.


This is what many, many people are experiencing right now - and will increasingly experience in the near future.


What my client felt was the vibration of her light body. The light body is the unseen, etheric field that contains our consciousness. In the ancient days, the creation of the light body was deliberately practiced by the disciples of true spiritual masters in the Far East. Probably the most detailed account of the process can be found in "The Secret of the Golden Flower," a Daoist text translated into English by Richard Wilhelm. Disciples built their light body and strengthened it due to rigorous spritual practices such as breath work, meditation, healthy life styles and living a highly ethical life. The latter in particular is very important, as unethical actions significantly lower ones vibrations.

In order to reach higher states of consciousness, the light body must literally be speeded up, meaning it must vibrate faster so it can contain the elevated energies. Consciousness is a matter of speed, really.

So, right now, many of us are being accelerated without consciously knowing it. Our souls do this to us to support us in the ascension process, and there isn't a whole lot we can do about it even if we wanted to. But we wouldn't, of course, because it is a wonderful gift that will helps us evolve without us having to work too hard for it. Similar to the vibrations we feel in the activation process, we can feel our light body vibrating in an out-of-body (OOB) experience. During the night, the soul tends to leave the body behind for some time to go to a different place where it can rest and recharge. Make no mistake, for the soul, being attached to a human body is a challenging thing because the frequency of a flesh suit is so much lower than that of pure spirit.

In preparation of going out-of-body, our light body begins to vibrate at a higher speed so to shake loose from the physical vehicle, because it is essentially the traveling container of the soul (or consciousness). Hence, it could well be that you wake up during the night to a sense of strange vibrations that usually feel like the bed beneath you is shaking, and you just caught your soul a moment before it intended to leave you. Of course, it has done so many times in the past, but the vibrations wake you up now because they are so much stronger than before in this time of accelerated frequencies.

For those new to this subject, I recommend the fascinating reads by Robert Monroe, e.g. "Ultimate Journeys" or "Journeys Out Of Body." Monroe ist the founder of the Monroe Institute, which developed the famous hemi sync method of brain hemisphere synchronizing, the latter of which can help a person to achieve actual OOB experiences. Personally, I have used hemi synching for the past year on a relatively irregular basis, and I find it quite fascinating. My channel medium brain easily goes into a deeply receptive gamma brain wave state, so when I  hemi sync I leave my body in practically no time, albeit not always conscious of it.


This is, however, the future we are fast approaching. In the New Earth, we will go OOB effortlessly to bilocate and teleport. Yes, and you will do that too - believe it or not :-)