Your Initiation: Flying Above The Matrix of un-Light

Looking around me right now, I find even the most powerful and settled lightworkers struggling to stay balanced and focused on the Light when the world around is seemingly falling to shambles. We are to keep our focus on the future and hold up the vision of the New Earth, all the while watching those in power employ the most atrocious, corrupt, brutal and inhumane strategies in a desperate effort to maintain control. Let's be honest. This is not an easy feat. Not for any. single. one. of. us.


On the contrary, it is the initiation we have signed up for when we decided to incarnate on Gaia during this time. We wanted this. We knew what would be at stake, and that is why we made a conscious decision to be here now. Yes. Let that sink in for a moment.


                                               You came here because you knew it would be this hard.


We might not have been aware of the detailed scenario that was to initiate the Big Shift, but we were fully aware that it wouldn't be a walk in park. And so we came, because we answered the call for the most powerful, fearless, high vibrational starseeds and wanderers in the galaxy. We came because we are part of the "Starseed Special Forces" department. So, here we are ... fully aware of the Matrix and the battle that is playing out in the yet Unseen world, and trying to do our best to anchor our Starseed Light onto the crystalline grid of this planet.


Again, not easy. But, we made it thus far. We are doing well. We rock!

There is this dichotomy about the Matrix: With the measures of the un-Light forces turning more and more violent and impactful to inhibit peoples' freedom, the Matrix is also becoming more and more visible by the day. This, of course, is necessary to disturb the peaceful snoring of those still in deep slumber.

But it is this field of tension that many find hard to exist in. In a conversation with a friend, the question arose whether we can avoid the 3D Matrix at all. With her work and a young son, she finds it rather difficult. I have no such challenges; however, she has a husband by her side who shares her level of awareness while I am surrounded by non-awake humans in my life as a single. As someone who has always enjoyed her hermit existence, I have come to reach my limits over the course of the summer, and frankly I have never felt this alone in my entire life. Yet, I made it through. The suffering purified me and ultimately elevated me to a new level of consciousness for which I am eternally grateful.

So, the question about the 3D matrix lingered with me for some time until the guides showed up to remind me that everything is about awareness. It isn't so much a question of whether we can avoid 3D, it is a question of maintaining a high state of consciousness while acting in 3D. And that, we can train ourselves to do. Admittedly, since my last upshift on Dec 24 (more about that in a separate post), it has become much easier to stay in a close-to-5D awareness while facing the beast in 3D, but generally that is what I - and WE ALL - have been practicing since the beginning of this shit show.

So, let's make sure we are on track with our practice, because it will get more challenging before it gets better.

Personally, I find it helpful to stay informed but not immersed in the alternative news stream. After all, it is the job of the digital soldiers, the Anons, to be on the frontline. It is our job to anchor the high frequencies on the planet and hold steady the field of Light so they, and those who are about to wake up, can see clearly, and consciousness can rise rapidly.
I focus on staying in a high vibration and do everything I possibly can not to leave that place and also remind myself constantly of the highest intention I have for the whole: May Thy will be done. It helps me to do my practices regularly, withdraw and spend much time in solitude and prayer. Meditation, breath work, Wim Hof showers, stretching, Tai Chi.

Nobody said it would be easy, but we got this. We have come so far, and we are almost there!!