On Starseeds & Lightworkers & Anons

Probably for the first time in the history of this planet, forces of light from different camps have come together for a cause much greater than any individual agenda could ever be. In the past, Truthers and the spiritual bunch weren't always on the same page, but this time ... well, this time, it's different. And, frankly, it brings tears to my eyes writing about it.

There are those, who are active on the visible stage of this plane and fight for the cause in a very obvious and pragmatic way. True warriors, who give their life and soul to enforce the awakening of the collective by exposing the uncomfortable truth of life in this planet to them. They fight for justice on the outer planes like powerful knights, their swords drawn and ready to go to battle any moment. Following the word of a mysterious seventeenth letter presence in the unseen, they have been holding up the spirits of the patriots with unwavering confidence and courage, all the while withstanding digitial censorship, public mockery and mass marginalization on many levels, in many areas of life.


Yes, there are the likes of a Corey Goode, Dr. David Bushar, Janet Ossebard or Dave from the X22 Report, but most of them actually remain anynomous. They are Anons, who by their honest, heartfelt rhetoric they have upheld hope and faith for millions of people worldwide in ways words fail me to describe (although soon, some clever minds will need to find proper words as QAnons will be read about in the history books of the New Earth).

Over the past elven months I have often wondered if they even knew how precious their work has been to so many of us in the spritual camp. Although I normally distinguish carefully between the New Age spiritual movement, of which I am very criticial, and those initiated in the Ageless Wisdom, here I make no dinstinction for every starseed, lightworker, shaman, witch, mystic, or whatnot has a role to play in this scenario - whether they know it or not.

When I think about how often I have gone to Facebook, Twitter or Parler to fetch the latest and based on posts, I would do work on the inner planes as a result. Whenever I found news of yet another tunnel being emptied, children being freed, I would work on the inner planes to clear the effects of the dark magical rituals on the souls and spirits they violated, did healing sessions for victims, used all tricks in the book to support, protect and strengthen those negatively affected. I know for a fact that many, many doing similar work were doing the same. While the digitial soldiers were on the front, Lightworkers and the likes were doing their work in protected silence.

And that is important. We cannot be in the light of the public, because it would expose our energy fields to the collective and make us vulnerable. Many of us are super intuitive empaths, highly sensitive to energies around us and easily impacted by them. I tried several times to post on my social media accounts but quickly learned that I couldn't handle the aggressive energies my words stirred up in the sleepers. Anons are much better equipped for this work, and I greatly admire them for it.

We are all needed in this time. We are all patriots who have dedicated our lives to this time on Earth. Supporting The Great Awakening of humanity, we are patriots to the Truth and to the Divine in its many shapes and forms. Every camp has a significant role to play in this, and it is quite magical how we have managed to function together like a well-oiled machine, although none of us is probably aware of the true impact our not-so-obvious unification has made. To know that we have gotten this far together deeply touches me, and I'm heart and soul behind every Anon and Truther out there, as I'm standing by my own kin like a fierce lioness watching over her cubs.

Our united message: Don't mess with us. Anons, Truthers, Starseeds, Lightworkers - no matter. Don't fucking mess with us.