Shadow Work Is On Right Now - Part I

Running a Sacred Journey through the 12 Holy Nights in form of a small e-course with a select group of beautiful women turned out to be a much more enlightening experience for me than I could have imagined. In true fashion with ancient Celtic lore, several of the women in the group experienced very profound dreams during that very special time of the year when the veils are thinner and the Divine is more readily accessible. Like uncountable times in the past, I was in awe at the intelligence of the human psyche and the depth of its communication with us. I marvelled at the magnificence of the archetypical imagery present in the dreams that were shared to the same extent I was saddened when realising that none of the course participants had much experience in interpreting dreams.

In a time where the majority of the “spiritual” community is busy speaking light language and discussing “The Event,” the most basic premise of what is taking place on this planet seems to have fallen by the wayside on our rollercoaster journey into 5D: In order to ascend into 5D, consciousness has to transmute, and there is no transformation of consciousness without shadow work.

The constantly rising energies on this planet will not magically lift one’s awareness onto a higher level and automatically propel a person into 5D. Sorry, but that’s not what I see happening. What I’m seeing is that the waves of energies created by the grid infusion, solar influxes and spikes in the Schuhmann resonance serve to stir the content of our unconscious. They are like a bag bellow fanning the flames beneath the cauldron in which the soup of our psyche is simmering. The key question here is whether we take the spoon and scoop out the chunks to make the soup clear or whether we ignore our responsibility as a cook, put a lid on it because we don’t want to see it and hence turn the cauldron into a pressure cooker.

Why am I writing this just now?

Because it is time.

How do I know it is time?

“When you turn toward Life, Life begins to speak to you” the mystics say and in such a way I was given the hints that it is high time to address this topic.

Three weeks ago, a client I have been mentoring for several weeks who normally does not remember dreams upon waking reported of a dream I would consider initiatory. As so often, I was mesmerised and in awe at the beauty of the Soul’s language and while I had been contently speaking to my client while out on a walk in the woods, I found myself sinking to my knees the moment we hung up and bawling my eyes out in reverence of the enormous gift my client had received here.

In between then and now, hints were given by several “messenger” people around me in the form of the word “shadow” but it wasn’t until last Sunday that I realised that it is high time for this topic to be addressed.

Alongside eleven curious participants, I attended a one-day workshop where the astrological outlook for 2020 was related and explained. The entire Zodiac was put on the floor in form of a circle, and the current constellations were mimicked with the planets added to the colourful mix.

Starting with Saturn, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn Sun alongside the Lunar Node, two of us made a trip to the bathroom and threw up. Off to a great start, I cautiously stepped near the symbols on the floor … and felt like I was hit by a thick, dark wall. It literally took my breath away, so much so that it instantly triggered asthma in a way I hadn’t experienced it in a long time. I sought clarity and moved into the opposite sign where the True Node in Cancer allowed me to detach. I asked for clarity and instantly was given the explanation of the heaviness that literally hit me like a brick in the neck. I’m not exaggerating here when I say I felt “something” hit me in the area between the base of my skull and the upper neck, a symbolic whack my father used to threaten me.

It was clear. The wall I had felt stepping into the planetary constellation that took my breath away was my own shadow! And not a minor one either. Nope. It was the very core issue that had worked its dark magic in my unconscious since I can remember, and for the first time ever, I could see where it was coming from!

Now, whether what I’m saying here holds true from an astrological perspective, I don’t know. It might well be that I’m stepping on some precious toes much more educated in the matter of planetary movements as I am, but what’s important for me is that what I’m describing here is what I’m witnessing all around me right now, with clients but also friends and family members—and myself of course. And that, to me, is my Truth of the moment, delivered to me in a big package with ribbons for the simple reason of doing something with it … helping, supporting where I can, in ways I’m capable of.

I do believe there is a collective aspect to this as well, of course; otherwise there’d be no purpose in me posting this to my blog!

I know in my heart that shadow work is a greatly overlooked aspect of the ascension process of the collective consciousness gracing this beautiful planet, and I do believe that the time to successfully apply it was never better than now. And never more important!

Shadow work is an essential practice in the transformation of the human psyche igniting the very alchemical process that transmutes consciousness. In my next post, I will talk about shadow work in more detail and also share how this workshop I attended, unsurprisingly, became the playground for shadow dynamics.

But before I go there, I will have to talk about pumas first …

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