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Sacred Journeys Quantum Connect are currently the only sessions I offer. If you are in need of either a BQH or QHHT session, please consult to find a practitioner that resonates with you.

There are many amazing people out there ready to help you out!

Sacred Journey - Quantum Connect

Our Soul and the Higher Self communicate with us through imagery and archetypical symbolism. Oftentimes, we are not very good at either reading the hints we are given and/or we dismiss them altogether. This session format aims to change that!

Sacred Journey QUANTUM CONNECT is a fun and playful way to connect you with your Higher Self for guidance and support. You could view it as a training for you to learn how your Higher Self speaks to you all the time. The format is based on what I learned from the amazing Candace Craw-Goldman, slightly altered and expanded by myself to suit my style, and unlike the deep trance states in hypnosis, this is an open-eye discourse in which I purposefully guide you to places or situations. The session relies on speed for success, and I will time it to 45 minutes - for a good reason.

Overall these sessions have been full of surprises for clients, in a good way of course. Please bring one single question/intent/focus to this session. We will address it briefly beforehand and jump right into the journey. There is no need for in-depth sharing, as this is all about you. Debriefing, we will talk about some of the symbols, hints or other content and then allow your unconscious to work out the rest.

Duration: 45 min.

Sacred Journey - Home

The main purpose of this session is the preparation of your soul structure and support of your energy bodies with the goal to stabilize the frequency of your light body at a higher vibrational level and lend support to the ascension process.

  • Purify energy bodies
  • Prepare Soul structure / light body
  • Release blockages & soul fragments
  • Receive soul fragments by your Oversoul, spirit guides or other sentient beings
  • Remove lower frequencies (darkness)
  • Unhook from matrix conditionings
  • and much, much more

Chamber sessions are always different and suprisingly wonderful. The one thing that is steady is that tears usually flow freely, because what happens is so profoundly touching for the client and myself that we leave the initiation chamber with wide open hearts and minds, feeling changed forever.


This deeply sacred process is overseen by the ascended masters Thoth and Serapis Bey and takes place on the inner planes in the initiation chamber in the Halls of Amenti.

This session is done via Zoom - you will receive an audio recording of it if you wish.

Duration: 1,5 hrs.



Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

BQH describes a transformative healing modality that reaches beyond known forms of hypnosis or past life regression but rather can be seen as a consciousness raising tool that acknowledges and incorporates our multidimensional existence. BQH operates in the Quantum Field from where past, present and future can be explored and your Higher Self be contacted.

BQH expands on Dolores Cannon's famous Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by offering a greater flexibility for client and practitioner. It can help you overcome challenges in your life and generate healing in all four of your energy bodies (mental, emotional, physicial and etheric). In a BQH session, you are taken on an exciting journey within yourself where all you ARE resides and from which all the wisdom springs.


In my personal view, BQH is the New Earth version of QHHT. A BQH session with me can contain Spirit Releasement Therapy, shamanic work, energy work, and even lead to a Sacred Birthing Journey in the initiation chamber.


Done via Zoom - you will receive a recording.


For more information on how to prepare for your session, read HERE.

Duration: 2-4 hrs.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

A QHHT is designed to help you better understand your life's journey and generate healing on the mental, emotional and physical level. A session can:

  • answer questions about things that happened in your life and lessons you were to learn from them,
  • provide you with direct guidance regarding your current life situation,
  • give you insights into the root cause of illnesses, accidents or any kinds of challenges you are encountering in your life,
  • help you better understand yourself and why you lead the life you do,
  • answer question you have in regards to your soul family and the relationships in your life,
  • help you find your life purpose,
  • and sooo much more.

To put it bluntly, a QHHT session is a way to bypass the ego to open a space for the Higher Self to come in and lend support where it is needed. The Higher Self determines what is most important for the individual to know at this point. The practitioner is only the guide, but it is the client's Higher Guidance that's running the show.

For more information and also learn how to prepare, click HERE.


Done in person only.  Duration: 5-6 hrs.

!!!   I currently do not offer QHHT sessions - please consider booking a BQH session   !!!


How to prepare for a session

For a Sacred Journey Home, no special preparation is needed, except to make sure you have some time to rest and process afterwards. It helps to eat lightly before the session and enter the call in a calm, anticipatory state. The session is done via Zoom, and it is best when you can lie down or rest in such a way that your brain doesn't think you are going to sleep. Meaning, your bed is fine for location, but you want to be in a slightly different position than normally when you sleep. Headphones are helpful as well, so you can hear me loud and clear, as I tend to quieten down my voice with increasing energy influx.

For a Sacred Journey - Quantum Connect, please consider the above preparation except you won't lie down during the session. You will sit upright, open eye to chat with me :-).


For BQH and QHHT sessions:


Prepare  a list of questions for your session. Please use categories such as health, general, relationships, job, etc. and write down exactly what you wish to receive healing for. Everything you want to have answered about yourself, your life, your future ... if you could talk to God, what would you want to know? It can be helpful to prepare yourself for the session so you arrive in a calm, open state. Please understand that nobody is doing the healing here but you. I am just your guide on the journey, but essentially you are healing yourself. The more open you can be to this notion, the better the session will be for you. Your openness, determination and willingness to step into becoming more deeply and profoundly who you are meant to be on all levels will determine the outcome of our time together.


After an initial chat in which I get to know you as best as I can in this short period of time, you will spend the actual session in a comfortable position on your back on a couch or bed, much like you would be at home in your bed. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to ensure that nothing bothers you during the session. You want to have eaten before  your session but not a very heay meal. It might help to meditate in the morning, to go on a walk or whatever your own way of tuning in with yourself and the Divine might be... pray and declare your readiness to move forward. Show your Higher Self and the Divine that you are ready. It will be heard!


Eat light after the session, take time to yourself for the rest of the day and make sure you have a notepad close to you for the next few days. It is my experience that clients continue to stay under the direct guidance of their Higher Self or Soul for several days, and the downloads keep pouring in. They come either through dreams or in waking consciousness. Just make sure you have a way of recording them, as they can significant pointers for you as you move toward your New Life.

more ...

Whether we have a live or online session, the space I hold for you is sacred.  You will meet nothing but understanding, compassion and Love here, and no other person is allowed in this space with us while we work. I will record the session - not the interview - and send you the recording via email within the next 12 hours. It is advisable to listen to the recording at least once a day for the next 3 days and then once a week for a while.


One should not be driving after having had a QHHT session. Thus, should you be required to travel to my place from far, I suggest you grant yourself the time and space and find accomodation nearby and stay for the night. This way, you avoid driving and you have some down time to yourself to integrate what you experienced.

As stated above, the sessions will be audio recorded for you to keep. I will delete the recording three months after our session, as I do not keep records of sessions. I also don't video tape sessions, and I certainly have no interest in publishing video material of clients on the web. If it is important to you to become a youtube star, please find another practitioner. Any of the above offered sessions are a highly private and sacred affair, and my hope is that you were guided to me because you share my sentiments.


I will work with you if you are at least 18 years of age and you have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. I will not work with you if you are currently taking any anti-depressant medications or if you are a frequent user of alcohol, pot or psychedelic drugs.


For BQH sessions via Zoom, a solid technical equipment is required. High speed internet, a high quality headset connected by cord (no bluetooth) with a good microphone, and a set-up with a laptop or iPad is steadfast secured in such a way that it cannot tilt or tip and offers a view of your upper body from a higher point of view. Stacking a pile of books on your nightstand and leaning your smartphone on a glass of water on top of it will not do.

Booking any of the below, please be aware that you are giving your consent to freeing me of any legal obligations. I am a practitioner of these three methods, not a doctor, not a naturopath and no therapist, rather I see myself as a temporary travel guide who is aiding you on your way toward connecting with your own Light/Soul. Please know that anything said or heard in the room during our session is safe with me and protected by confidentiality. Booking a Sacred Journey, BQH or QHHT session you agree to do so at your own risk, but also know that the Higher Self never gives us anything we cannot handle - not you and not me!