Can you feel the energies right now?

Right now, there's a lot of tension in the field, which can easily be explained by what is happening around us, but there's also an underlying current of ... well, something about to happen soon. I feel that, more so than in any other moment in the two-year run of this incredibly shit show, it feels as though we are approaching a peak. Many attribute it to said tension that is seemingly building up by the hour ... I'm not so sure. To me it feels as though since last week Sunday, the energies have shifted very profoundly in a new direction. It is hard for me to explain or even pinpoint. Since I have been working with timelines for months now, it might also be that this is a personal experience ... I'm truly not sure. It is very subtle, I feel, and I guess we'll see where it will take us individually and collectively. No doubt, soon, we'll know.


Granted today we are in the middle of a powerful portal that spans three days and culminates tomorrow, on February 22, the day when Pluto, who has been ripped of his planetary status by the psyochpaths many years ago, aligns in the astrological chart of the U.S. in the same way it did on the founding date of the nation in 1776. Pluto brings destruction and rebirth ... you do the math.


Whatever tomorrow and the coming days and weeks may bring, it is important that we are in the good place to meet it - on all levels - mentally, emotionall, and also physically. Up until recently, my focus has been on helping others stay sane and strong through the storms of this time. The physical was only in the picture insofar as I was supporting those affected by the fake vaxx with my Healy recipes and natural measures. Now, my guides are pushing the envelope a little bit more. Since the psychopaths hit the start button on the show, I have hit the mark close to 100% with my channelings via my Higher Self. Unfortunately, everything I brought through since May 2020 has proved to be correct, so I see no reason to doubt my downloads now. Yes, aside from one instance, I never published these channelings. They were mostly for myself, so I would know how to navigate my work with clients.


Why was that? Simply because as a published channeler you make yourself incredibly vulnerable to the dark agenda, and I had plenty to do in that department even without putting myself in the public spotlight. Most people have no idea of the work I do on the inner planes, and that's good. Interference runs rampant the way it is, and I saw no need to join the collective of mediums or channelers, who very obviously have been taken over one by one without even noticing themselves. It was gut wrenching for me to watch some prolific German speaking channelers switching sides and misleading their thousands of followers, even more gut wrenching for me to see that few of the followers were aware enough to notice the shift in energy and understand what happened. But I digress, and I shall not venture into talking about the completely glamored New Age community yet again. The question as to who or what truly needs to wake up in this time I will address at another time.


Back to the physical and my guides, my Higher Self and the Sophia Collective and the ever increasing energies on this planet.


In order for our bodies to withstand and handle the higher energies properly, the physical vehicle must high in vibration and this means it must be clean and clear. We've been exposed to so much over the past two years ...  increasing chem trail warfare and radiation, spike proteins, heavy metals and let's not even mention what we've accumulated in the years prior due to the circumstancial existence in this corrupted holographic matrix. Add to this the emotional stress many of us have been under, and you have a perfect recipe for a body struggling to lift itself into a higher frequency range.


To make it short, I was shown that now the time has come for us to release what no longer suits us on the ascension path - literally. Not only people, jobs, environments, habits, beliefs, energies, nope ... also toxins, parasites, bacteria, and all the other crap that affects our health and the free flow of energy in our meridian system. When I was shown what needs to happen, I was directed to check in with Marina Jacobi, who I've been following for years. Six years ago, Marina was told by her guides to do juicing for a full year. In the videos she made as a result of that experience, you can sure tell.

Thus, I have decided to go on a 3month Juice Flush with my German clients, and I intend to offer the same for my English speaking readers if there is any interest.

The details of the juice flush will be revealed only when someone has committed to it, but for now so much: We'll detox in 3 phases down to the cellular level. Next to juicing, Phase 1 contains colon bacteria and liquid zeolite of the most potent kind. I am so happy to have found a very special product by a company that has already proven to clear the blood of the synthetic filaments we have seen under the dark field microscope!! Phase 2 incorporates another product that clears the cells of toxins, and Phase 3 will build up the cells and telomeres. And, at some point after the first four weeks when the colon works well and releases three times a day, we'll do a parasite cure.

In addition to the physical detox there is also the Healy.

Oh, the Healy. What an incredibly powerful toll we have at our hands here. A life saver. You'll see.

I will use the Healy to transmit frequencies to the group that support the release of toxins, enhance blood quality and overall energy levels. And likely much more, as my way of using the Healy is a very creative one, and I have yet to fail to deliver in that department.

Essentially, I'm quite confident that such a Detox program can accomplish a lot for all of us … not just due to our fake vaxx status but also when it comes to ascension. For the times to come, it is imperative that we keep our physical vehicles free of garbage and high in vibration. Anything that is magnetic or electromagnetic in our bodies needs to go. Imagine a concentrated influx of high energy coming down to Earth. What will it do to a body that is full of parasites and magnetic crap?

It seems high time to take action!

Are you with me?


The plan is to meet on GAP in a group and support each other through the time. Starting date will the Full Moon in March.

Connect with me on Telegram or follow my blog here to stay on top of things. I will soon post details