Sacred Body

For aeons and most prominently in the last hundred years, under the corrupt system that is currently about to crumble, we have been made to believe that our body is only a vehicle ... just a piece of meat. Even New Age spiritual teachings suggest that the body equals the ego and is meant to be mastered by our mind.


But what if ... what if the body is much more?


What if the body is indeed the sacred temple Eastern philosophy has taught for a very long time--and more.


I'm in the process of refining my skills so I can take you on a journey inside your body and show you how to re-connect with the consciousness of the sacred vehicle that is housing you in this lifetime. My goal is to help us all reconnect with what and who we are through experiencing the sacredness of Life pulsating in every cell of our body. And, my ultimate goal - as has always been - is to help us all to remember how to heal ourselves!

I'm currently training with a phenomenal German women named Anke Evertz and am already developing my own version of that work, which I now call Sacred Body, and I'm brimming with excitement to start this new chapter of my life to serve you even better.

Stay tuned. This will be big.