Root Report Week 5: A Spiritual Journey

When I started on the ROOT products a bit more than five weeks ago, I was focused on two things: the potential for physical healing and the support of the LightBodyProcess (LBP). The latter, so I thought, was sure to be a long-term process that would mostly go unnoticed in us, as many changes taking place in our subtle bodies usually fly under our radar. Little did I expect to be thrown into a process, however, that would take me to the brink of the very core issue of my life.

On the physical side the changes taking place since I reported last were absolutely amazing. For a period of about two weeks, my facial skin was super flaky and extremely dry. One morning, I found skin flakes on my pillow and, for a moment there, I thought I had developed dandruff over night, but then it dawned on me … my face. For a couple of days even, my skin felt so tight, I couldn't find relief in any of the products I had in the house. Not even pure olive oil helped. Only when I thought of mixing olive oil with Restore, I started to feel better. And then, two days ago, I woke up in the morning looking … well, different. Suddenly, my face looks rosy, fresh and the skin supple and healthy.

It takes skin cells 28 days to renew completely, and renewed I feel. Now, I'm looking forward to when my liver has finished its renewal cycle, which lies between 180 to 360 days. Within the ROOT community there circulate reports of taking a non-alcoholic fatty liver from massively elevated ALT and AST to the lower end of the green range in two to six months.

All in all, I feel great with the products. I'm at 2 x 15 drops Clean Slate per day and 1 ZeroIn in the morning. Restore is not yet part of my daily routine. I have stopped taking any other supplement, except for some Vitamin C and D3/K2 simply because I have so many leftovers sitting around my supplement box, and I don't want these expensive products go to waste.

I should mention that when I say "I feel great" I actually mean physically great. Emotionally or mentally that wasn't the case for quite some time. I'm not entirely sure that what I have to share is a direct result of the intake of the ROOT products, but … well, here we go.

Shortly after my last ROOT report, I started to dive into a strange process that really caught me off guard. The Detox experience with the German group proved a challenge for me. I think for the first time in my life I realized the full magnitude of the physical implications resulting from a massive burn out that had started way earlier in my life than I was willing to admit. Now, I began to realize how it all relates … how adrenal fatigue, thyroid disfunction, a sluggish metabolism, leaky gut and hormonal disfunction are connected, and what heavy metal poisoning in the body have to do with it.

The above mentioned are a recipe not only for a toxicity disaster in one's body but also lead to weight gain and many other "side effects" that could easily dismissed as something else, such as mental fog and emotional fatigue.

With all that in mind, I began to look at my early childhood with different eyes, and sure enough while I was busy trying to remember things I found something as I was sorting through paperwork for taxes: my birth certificate.

Speak about being hit by an avalanche …

While I was living in the U.S., I had asked my mother for my time of birth, so I could start working with my birth chart to gain clarity over some issues in my life. Now, twenty years later, I realized that for the entire time I had relied on a birth chart that was plain wrong because the time of my birth was actually 1.5 hours off.

I won't go into details here, but what followed was a full week of retrospective meditation where I began to remember instances that were only beginning to make sense now, and just when I thought I was through with the entire process it hit me.

A wave of anger hit me in the chest, I feared the entire European continent was too small to contain. Almost instantly, I stood before the very core question that had secretly ruled my life for way too long, so basic and so powerful, just thinking about now as I write this takes my breath away.

God. My relationship to God, the Almighty.


Yes, pause for a moment here.


It makes perfect sense though. Clean Slate penetrates to the very core, to the cells, which contain DNA … our genetic imprint connecting us to the Divine.

Cells filled with toxins inhibit your connection to your true essence, the Divine and Life itself, and once those toxins begin to clear, the gates are open to relating to Life in much more direct and profound way and to become who you truly are.

Add to this the power of ZeroIn, which will bring you clarity of mind and improve your sleep so your cells can repair at night, and Restore, which nourishes and renews your cells with the best nature has to offer, and you have the perfect recipe to reconnect your body to your Divine heritage through your cellular structure. 

There is your ascension fuel!

You still have to drive the vehicle yourself, but you have an incredibly powerful support system to rely on while you navigate traffic and aim to steer clear of distractions and irresponsible drivers.

Thank you, Christina! Thank you, Clayton! Thank you for listening to your souls and spirit teams to fulfil this Divine Mission to create products that carry the potential to take so many Home.