Root Report: Week 2 3/4

It's been almost three weeks now that I have started with Clean Slate, and I feel really good in my skin, even though my skin is the very organ that is clearly showing the profound detoxification process my body is undergoing right now. 


After experiencing some serious detox symptoms right away, I am now at 2 x 15 drops per day. Five days ago, I had gone up to 2 x 20 but dialed back again after feeling somewhat tired and sluggish. The recommended dosage is 2 x 10 per day for an extended period of time, though I had watched a science call with Dr. Dori where she shared results of a customer who had successfully treated his non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The person had lowered his S-ASAT from 48 to 29 and his S-ALAT from 118 to 75 in only two months with Clean Slate. One year later, he was at 24 and 54, which is on the lower end of the good range ... values so perfect, they make you sigh.


Unfortunately, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has been an issue for me since the age of 26 after suffering from bulimia since the age of 8 and seriously compromising my liver and metabolism as a result. All of this, I feel strongly, is now in the process of healing. This is one of the reasons why I'm so eager to create my own Root story. The other reson is the ascension process, whis is the primary focus of my spiritual work. Both, the physical healing and the spiritual evolution of the soul are intrinsicly linked as I have explained in several of my blog posts.

Back to Clean Slate. I can detect a certain rhythm in which Clean Slate works its way through my system, likely depending on the speed of the body's metabolic rate. No matter the time I take my morning dose, about 6 to 7 hours later, I am about to experience the effects of the detoxification process taking place. Most of the time, I get a bit tired; at times, I have a slight headache or some general discomfort. When I was at 2 x 20 drops, that discomfort would increase to nausea. Regardless, which symptoms I experience, they never last longer than 1 or max. 2 hours.


All in all, I feel fine, and the thing that I like most is that I sleep like a baby at night. My sleep is deep, solid and I wake up rested and in good spirits. I'm also dreaming again. I haven't had any dreams in a long time. Mostly, I woke up in the morning feeling like I was hard at work some place else while my body was trying to get some rest, but dreams ... not so much. Now, I have also started taking 1 Zero-in in the mornings four days ago, and it might well be that there's indeed a connection. However, I'm been a lucid dreamer long before ROOT and my pineal has undergone some heavy activation for years now, so ... not sure whether this is a coincidence. I guess time will tell. 

In addition, I have also started on Restore and, Goddess, that stuff is crazy, wild, amazing. I mean, I could feel it right away. It was way too powerful for me to take the prescribed dosage of half a pack twice a day. No way, Jose! I'm at one teaspoon morning and evening, but ... don't laugh... I also put it on my face in the morning and creamed my arms with it after mixing it with an Argan skin oil. Looove it. Christina Rahm recommends to add Restore to a healing mask with clay, and since I have dry skin, I will add a drop of coconut oil to it. Will try it out tonight and report back!

Speaking of my arms ... since I can remember, I have had rough skin on my upper arms, around the shoulder area. Even when I was playing semi-pro volleyball and spent my summers rolling around the sand of the beach court, one would think that it would have served as a peeling and helped with that problem. No such luck. Now ... 30 years later, I have less muscle but way better skin. I can tell that the roughness is constantly diminishing.


In essence, I'm almost three weeks in with the Clean Slate and ten days into the Detox, which I had to adjust to the needs of my sluggish metabolism. After a couple of days of juicing, I began to notice that my body was not happy. The juicing simply did not provide enough "material" that my body could use as a source of nutrients and bind the toxins it needed to expel. So, after one week of sticking strictly to juices only, I am now at a routine where I take 500 ml green juice, 250 ml red beet juice, one detox smoothie and one veggie meal a day. No animal protein, no carbs. I'm supplementing with several different types of gut bacteria and also fermented herbs, which reeeally get my metabolism going.

This is a whole new experience for me. The increased metabolic rate makes my tummy growl and gives me hunger sensations I never had before. That makes me sooo happy that I cried yesterday because it feels so healthy and right compared to before. There's definitely healing taking place, and who doesn't need healing?