Introducing detox 2022

Last night I hosted a zoom event on my German Telegram channel which I had called "Truth Speak with Petra." The subject matter was the ominous C question, which I felt the need to address and clarify as I had noticed a great deal of confusion around it in my community. As I am the go-to expert when it comes to creative frequency recipes for the Healy to boost wellbeing and health in times of fake vaxxes passively or actively received, I started to get somewhat unnerved when the umpteenth person messaged me with one of the two narratives I had heard so many times over the past half year:  a. I am sick. I tested positive and have C. …. or b. I am worried sick, because my son/daughter wants to get the vaxx now. Remember how I said they would challenge and distract women from doing what they have come here to do? See my blog post "Priestess, be alert" from July of last year.

To b. I cannot say much. I am not a mother, but if I was one and had a child, you would have either read about me in your daily newspaper or—if the child was an adult—I'd turn into a roaring lioness, tie my offspring to a chair and make them watch certain documentaries until they would cry and swear by their life never, ever to even entertain such a thought again. But I'm not a mother, and watching my deluded, fear-ridden niece and her husband put their two little boys through hell every single day is just enough for me to bear … so, I'll focus on point a. for now.

Whenever I get such a message, I'm tempted to reply "there is no C" but then I realize that there's so much more to this, and am I really willing to go there right now? So, I remain kind and calm and understanding. However, so many of these messages reached me lately that I thought it might be worthwhile to address the matter in a Zoom meeting offered to followers on my channel. Frankly, it puzzles me to see that so many in my German network are not properly informed, and what puzzled me even more last night was that those, who had asked for support, didn't deem it necessary to show up. To add fuel to the matter, I know of a good deal of people in my immediate environment, who could certainly need some clarification on the issue but thought they didn't need it at all. If there's one thing the Lightworker community has expanded in over the past two years, it is their arrogance. But what to expect from a bunch of lunatics, whose focus remains locked into the dark agenda of you-can-be-do-have-anything-you-want while the world around them is falling to shambles and the muttering of the i am sovereignty claim at every instance while never once having experienced what it means to stand in the Light of their I AM presence? Nothing. Exactly.

Back to the zoom. After two and a half hours I was unsure who was more disturbed, my audience or I. Some attendees were sick and still dealing with the "after-effects" such as chronic fatigue, headaches, kidney pain and uterus pains as well as irregular bleeding. See, I have worked with the first clients, who had received booster shots, and I know of these symptoms. And thank God for Dr. Bryan Ardis, I know what to do about them! On top of that, I am shown the state of things in the Initiation Chamber and I can invoke the Metatronic healing field at the highest frequency level, so … at least I have some means at my disposal, whether they can save lives, I don't know yet. We'll see. But it's better than to do nothing or tell those who'd had the fake vaxxes they must have some unresolved darkness in them for the tox shots to have such bad effects on them. Yeah, New Agers, you too will pay for your delusions.

When someone is in a life-threatening situation, you cannot tell them to do any inner work. Their brain is not in the place to process date accordingly. On top of that, most vaxxed people are cut off from their true emotions and their heart because their energy bodies are glued together and the chakras no longer communicate properly, there is no way you can lead these people into a deep emotional state. If you are lucky, they can hold a theta brain wave state for a bit and you can access their unconscious to implant some light codes for reprogramming the innate, but in most cases that proves a difficult undertaking.

Some of my audience was deep in alpha last night. They were stunned. And I was stunned at the fact that they were stunned. None of what I told them should have come as big news, yet it hit them over the head to hear it in such a concise fashion. Between the end of that zoom last night and noon this morning, I didn't sleep much and in every hour I was awake I repeated to myself the obvious question multiple times: Where have you been in the past two years???

There are several German doctors or naturopathic healers who offer protocols to detox the fake vaxx and the effects of "shedding" but my go-to sources are the American doctors Ardis, McMullough, Muhammed, Madej, Northrup, Tenpenny, Merritt and of course Mikovits. I also relay on my Higher Self, but only when I can find ample proof or at least supportive evidence for what I bring through in hypnosis. So, when you follow these medical experts and a few others like Dr. Suckart Bhakdi and Dr. Wolfgang Wordag, you know the following:

The fake vaxx is a bio weapon designed to kill humans via injection or transmission.
It contains three different kinds of RNA and acts like a Trojan horse. One is a normal one, the other destroys the immune system and causes inflammation/infection, the third a killer without a stop button.
It's carried by a vector virus, which itself is a toxic load of shit.
It carries magnetic spike proteins, which destroy mitochondria.
And nano particles, which are electromagnetic.
It also contains parasites … synthetic ones, and I suspect also organic ones.

There is no such thing as shedding Only transmission.
Spike proteins leaving the body of vaxxed ones via breath, body fluids, urine, feces, semen, etc. enter the body of an unvaxxed person via the skin and there they put on the same show. There is only a difference in intensity, but nothing else.

If "Covid 19" exists at all, it is the symptoms that humans develop as a result of the spike protein factory in their body. And they are all the same, as we know.

Hence, to differeing degrees we are all in the same boat when it comes to the question: What to do?

Well, I don't know but when reading this, does it sound to you like a little bit of energy work will do the trick? Or just take a truck load of Vitamin C and you'll be fine?

Probably not.

Let's be brutally honest here for a moment. We don't know. No one can claim to know whether this toxic shit can be released from the human body. Some say it can't, like Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammed. Dr. Bryan Ardis seems to think otherwise. What I do know is that where there is God, there's a way. And I know God is with me. So, I trust and I do what I'm being shown.

I was shown that the most important thing to do is to deprive the spike proteins of the environment they need in order to keep up their manufacturing process, which means to clean the body completely of inflammatory processes. Thus, I have decided to go on a 3month Juice Flush with my German clients, and I intend to offer the same for my English speaking readers if there is any interest.

The details of the juice flush will be revealed only when someone has committed to it, but for now so much: We'll detox in 3 phases down to the cellular level. Next to juicing, Phase 1 contains colon bacteria and liquid zeolite of the most potent kind. I am so happy to have found this very special company that has already proven to clear the blood of the synthetic filaments we have seen in the blood of vaxxed humans under the dark field microscope!! Phase 2 incorporates another product that clears the cells of toxins, and Phase 3 will build up the cells and telomeres.

In addition to the physical detox there is also the Healy.

Oh, the Healy. What an incredibly powerful toll we have at our hands here. A life saver. You'll see.

I will use the Healy to transmit frequencies to the group that support the release of toxins, enhance blood quality and overall energy levels. And likely much more, as my way of using the Healy is a very creative one, and I have yet to fail to deliver in that department.

Essentially, I'm quite confident that such a Detox program can accomplish a lot for all of us … not just due to our fake vaxx status but also when it comes to ascension. For the times to come, it is imperative that we keep our physical vehicles free of garbage and high in vibration.

It seems high time to take action!

Are you with me?