Root Report Week 1

As I am starting the Detox Journey 2022 with my German group on March 2, I have begun to test the products we will use beforehand. Hence, I took my first dose of CLEAN SLATE last Saturday (9 days ago), and today I decided to keep something like a diary about my experience with this incredibly potent liquid zeolite developed by Dr. Christina Rahm for Root. So, here we go...


Starting point
Some time, I will share more deeply about my health journey through the shit show but for now I will just give a brief synopsis of how I started - not how I got to that starting point. "Chronic sinus infection" in the right side of my face. Tooth abscess in the front. Asthma - breathing problems. Candia - big time - since the spike proteins hit me. Occasional phases of tiredness and fatique. I generally sleep well, and I'm not the least bit depressed or dealing with heavy thoughts. I would say that my biggest challenge in the past 2 years has been my inconsistency in maintaining my boundaries and being very clear about what I do and do not want.

Week 1
I started with 1 drop of Clean Slate in the evening, took 1 the next morning and upped to 2 the next evening. In the first two days, I came down with flu-like symptoms in the afternoon on both days. Swollen glands, fever, chills, lasted for 2 hours and disappeared again. On the third day, my face was filled with red spots. Small and dark red. I looked like I had measles. They were gone in the afternoon. When I arrived at 3 drops, I began to feel like a super old woman. Joint pain and lower back pain joined in with all muscles aching in my body. On day 4, I realized that I needed to drink more water and also be more pro-active in supporting the elimination of the waste products - in short, creating more bowel movements. So, I made a conscious effort to drink way more water and performed an enema, once with coffee and once with salt.


I felt better almost instantly but went back to 3 drops for one day and then 4 again, then 5, etc. And since then, I have been feeling better and better. The pains are mostly gone, but I can definitely feel that my body is working hard to release what no longer suits me. I have had much better energy on days 7, 8 and today. Even though I slept for only 5 hours a night, I woke rested and had plenty of energy to get through the day. I should say in all fairness that the Schuman was up quite a bit on these days as well, and I always feel much more alive and energized when it climbs past 30.

Being my creative self, I also used Clean Slate in other ways than just oral intake. One person in our group suggested to put a drop in the belly button. Huuiii ... try it. If you want a spiritual experience that makes you feel mother Gaia more intensely, here you go. I put two drops into my foot lotion and rubbed my feet with it, and I used it on Q tips to clean my ears. I even put one drop in my facial oil for the night two evenings ago, and the next morning I woke looking like a measle patient again. The red spots were gone within hours though, and the skin feels soft and healthy. I find that my skin color has improved and I generally feel super content, happy and good about myself.


I also observe something else, something new. Even though it is very subtle, I feel as though I'm gaining more clarity as to what I want and don't want and it seems easier for me to reinforce my boundaries. Right now, this all feels really, really good. According to Rahm, Clean Slate expels all the crap from the shots and I can say I totally believe that. This elixier feels super powerful, and I'm excited to see where it's going to take me and the entire group as we journey through the next three months together. The power of Silica-based Clean Slate combined with all the phyto nutrients from the green juices full of Light and Life force ... well, while I was somewhat nervous about the strict regiment two weeks ago, I am now eagerly awaiting the experience and 100% confident that it's the exact right thing for us to do in this moment!

Still pondering running an English group from the Full Moon in March on for 3 months ... are you interested? Intrigued even? Write me!!